Welcome to well & truly! I would like to invite you to take a look around and see how flower essences and homeopathy can help you.


Welcome to our well & truly website!


At well & truly we provide health consultations for both adults and children. We use Homeopathy for health issues, flower essences for emotional support or stress relief and we will guide you with food choices and nutrition if desired.


Today, perhaps more than ever before, maintaining good health  requires  a conscious effort, focus and organisation.  If we become unwell, we are reminded how truly precious our health is and often this can  be the trigger or inspiration for us to prioritise our health and undertake lifestyle changes, if needed.


Our emotions play a huge role in health, if we feel stressed, lonely, upset or angry, every level of our health is impacted. We will likely  experience changes in our  metabolism, sleep, concentration and mood. No amount of fabulous food or supplements will compensate or nourish us in the way it can and should, if we are unhappy or stressed.


Obviously, the food we choose to eat is also extremely important, “we are what we eat”.


A health consultation at well & truly, involves consideration of  all of the above  and we will tailor your treatment plan to meet your personal requirements. If you have a health problem we will use Homeopathy, if you are dealing with an emotional or stress related issue we may begin treatment with flower essences. If you seek guidance with nutrition we can provide you with information and advice.


Call us if you have queries or would like to talk about your personal needs. We’d love the opportunity to speak with you.



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We have developed a small  range of flower essence blends to help overcome some of the   general and  simple day to day emotional stresses we may all experience at times.




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Flower Essence Blends for You      Flower Essence Blends for Pets

For deeper and more challenging emotional issues or to increase self awareness a personalised blend is a wonderfully powerful tool to help and support us through even the most difficult of times or to simply help us make a change or move forward through a situation or pattern we wish to shift.




If you have any questions, would like to discuss your personal needs or make an appointment at our clinic in Herne Bay:  


 Please call 09 366 6089 or email den@wellandtruly.co.nz