Chill Out relieves and soothes tension, stress and anxiety. As Chill Out settles, many physical symptoms that accompany stress are resolved, such as: When feeling overwhelmed, tense, stressed and anxious Nervous tension – causing “butterflies”, anxiety, panicky feelings, shakiness and heart palpitations Muscle tension – commonly caused by intense mental concentration from working on… Read More

For animals experiencing bullying and territorial aggression. “Stay Strong” helps overcome fear and timidity in animals enabling them to find a balance and establish territorial boundaries. Once this occurs animals seem to adjust to each other and settle into a new neighbourhood environment. Stay Strong has proven effective for many animals. Cats particularly seem to… Read More

The Focus flower essence blend for pets is useful for training and teaching pets. Focus is useful for excitable, easily distracted or young animals that need a little calming and centred focus to be able to  take in and respond to commands in a training situation. Focus combines the North American FES flower essences Lavender, Madia,… Read More

Both the pet SOS blends calm, soothe and stabilise  in emergency situations, accidents,  shock, fright, anxiety. They are also helpful pre and post surgery, after injury, travelling or moving house.… Read More

SOS calms and soothes when dogs are panicked, stressed and in emergency and accident situations. SOS is useful to settle dogs that are fearful when travelling,  going to the vet or any situation that causes them anxiety and panic.… Read More

SOS calms and soothes when animals are panicked, stressed and in emergency and accident situations. SOS is useful when pets are fearful when travelling,  going to the vet, moving to a new home, or any situation that causes them anxiety and panic. SOS for Cats & kittens combines the North American FES flower essences Chamomile & Dill and the English… Read More

Fabulously Feminine Pack includes the flower essence blends Fabulously Feminine, SOS and Joy of Life. These blends  provide support through some of the challenging and difficult times we face as women. Fabulously Feminine balances and soothes the difficult emotions sometimes experienced with hormonal fluctuations. Joy of Life lifts spirits and brings back ‘Joie de Vivre’… Read More

Study pack The Study pack includes three flower essence blends to assist mental focus, calm and settle anxiety and nerves from sustained concentration and inspire creativity. Chill Out to relieve  the stress and tension that often accompanies  study, exams or intense mental work Focus to sustain concentration &  enhance mental focus and clarity of mind… Read More