As the Vitamin C debate hots up, 60 minutes are to air a follow up story this Wednesday. The Sunday program is also broadcasting a piece on Cancer and Vitamin C. At the Vitamin C Can Cure Coalition we are being contacted daily by family members wanting High Dose Intravenous Vitamin C (HDIVC ) as well as by supportive Doctors, Oncologists and Professors. The Thomas Levy Event this Friday is something you will not want to miss! … Read More

Next Homeopathic Society talk “Infertility in men and women”  Guest speaker Leila Joffe Saturday 1.00 pm – 2.45   November 13th Homeopathic Society Bookroom 320 Mt Eden Rd, Mt Eden Leila Joffe presents this second session of a two part talk. The first session was very well received,  in this next session more emphasis is on various homeopathic remedies used in… Read More