Den2Hi I’m Den Illing, Homeopath and co-founder of well & truly.

I was introduced to Homeopathy when my children were tiny and I was so impressed with the results, it became our first “port of call” for acute health issues and consequently inspired me to study and begin practise professionally.

It is now 20 years since I graduated from the Bay of Plenty College of Homeopathy in 1996. I feel blessed to have also been introduced to Flower Essences. As it was for me with Homeopathy, I was so impressed with the results flower essences provided in a wide and varied range of traumatic and emotional situations, I felt drawn to incorporate them into my practise. Consequently,  either or both may be prescribed for people depending on their personal needs and situation.

Both Homeopathy and Flower Essences are very effective therapeutic systems, either individually or as a compliment to each other.

I  am also a “foodie” and love eating fabulous food, it  makes absolute sense, to try and get as much of our nutrients and vitamins from the food we eat. This has led me to investigate further the nutritional and therapeutic aspects of food, which  I am very happy to help people with regarding guidance in food choices . I have a great team of professionals I can recommend for  people wanting  more in depth nutritional information if desired.

I structure treatment plans to suit each person’s individual needs and requirements. I am also happy to do the same regarding payment plan options.  My wish is for homeopathic treatment to be affordable for everyone. If you would like homeopathic and/or flower essence support I am happy to discuss and arrange an instalment payment plan with you.


Do call me if you’d like to talk about any of the above further

well & truly Ph 09 366 6089

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  • Hi Den,
    Kate at Whole Health Now has given me your contact as I am from the States and purchased my MacRep and RW software from Synergy out of the USA but I live in Christchurch now. I am trained with Dr. Douglas Falkner and also in in the College of Health and Homeopathy here, in class with Judy and likely most of your colleagues… I am hoping to learn how to add books to my reference works, for example Roger Morisson’s Desktop Companion-?-as well as network with you about any future software trainings that might happen in NZ….

    My # is 0223-277-015 or do please email me. Kind Regards, Carrie Jo

  • Hi Kate, Thanks for your email and it is very easy to add books to your programs, I’m happy to help you with that. Regarding training for using the programs, have you done the 3 online sessions with Kim Elia as posted on the Synergy News page? If not I highly recommend you do, you will gain a wealth of information. Roger Morrisson’s Desktop Companion is currently US$89. Any other queries, feel free to email me directly at well & truly. Kind regards Den

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