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Den offers homeopathic health consultations for families, both children and adults. Den’s health interests, life experience and formal training are incorporated into her practice and services offered. Den may also provide, flower essences, natural health and nutritional advice, recipes, food plans and support to meet the needs of her clientele.

About Den: Den has worked with people and their health and wellness for many years. After graduating from the Bay of Plenty College of Homeopathy (now CNHH) in 1996, Den and a close friend established “well & truly” initially as a homeopathic health clinic and health retail outlet in Ponsonby.  Flower essences became a larger part of the “well & truly” store’s focus.

Store customers consistently requested a readily accessible product to support them with various simple but challenging daily life stresses. This was the seed and instigation of the development of the “well & truly” range of flower essence blends  Den continues to offer “personalised flower essence blends” for more complex emotional issues and stress.

Den played a key role in managing  “The Kids Clinic” which, as a focus, has continued to be a big part of her practice in the well & truly clinic.  Den was introduced to homeopathy when her children were small and she loves to work with children and families.  Families that wish to use homeopathy within the home for first aid and their children’s acute health complaints, are provided with support and information to help build their confidence to manage simple health situation.

Den uses the Synergy Homeopathic software programs MacRepertory and Referenceworks within her homeopathic practice. Den is also the Australasian tech support person for Synergy Homeopathic Software.

In 2010 Den was elected President of the NZ Homoeopathic Society, a volunteer-run and administered charitable trust, whose sole purpose and mission focus is “Promoting & Supporting Homeopathy”. Den is a registered homeopath with the NZ Council of Homeopaths.

“I feel very fortunate and privileged to work with people and be part of their health recovery journey.  It is quite a unique and special process that unfolds for many, from the first consultation  I love to see the changes that occur for people as we work together, and I do my utmost to ensure we get the best results we can.

You are welcome to contact me if you would like to discuss or have a query about your health concern before booking in.”

Contact details:

Phone: 09 366 6089     021 059 5025   Email: den@wellandtruly.co.nz

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