We attended well & truly Clinic for son H initially, as he was having trouble with his hearing. He had recently had grommets fitted but the hearing test results afterwards were not as positive as the consultant had hoped for and he was unsure what to try next. We were given a three month follow up appointment so I took the opportunity to take H to see Den.  After a detailed consultation H was prescribed a homeopathic remedy.

We noticed improvements in his general wellbeing as well as his hearing. There were no more nose bleeds and his confidence improved. When we returned for the follow up hearing test, the results were all ‘’at or above’’ the desired levels and H was relieved. H continues to use  flower essences  when he feels the need for emotional support. His blend has been changed as he has adapted and healed on so many different levels. He is now confident, articulate and able to ask for help and assistance both at home and at school having been very anxious and insecure in the past.

2nd son S attended the well & truly clinic because of his behaviour – anger, his tendency to lash out or run and hide and general unhappiness and unease with life. There had been many recent upheavals in his life at and, at the age of 7, he was finding home and school life difficult.  Again, after a detailed and inclusive consultation  with son S, Den prescribed initially a flower essence bottle then a homeopathic remedy.

Within 5 days of taking the flower essence blend S was visibly calmer – events that before would have triggered anger were less intense and he seemed more able to cope. As the treatment continued his self esteem increased, he became more confident and happy at school – less influenced or upset by others – and generally more at ease with himself and his surroundings.

S continues to use both essences and remedy as the need arises but particularly at the start of each term to aid his confidence and self esteem.  An additional benefit of the treatment has been a marked improvement in his snoring and his night time dreams – both of which caused him, and us, disturbed nights!

A blessed improvement for all and I am so grateful to Den for her wisdom and knowledge in helping my children find healing and peace.



Essential Part of My Life

Sometimes life has a way of dealing all the crap cards at once.

I’d had a rough twelve months on the health front. But I’d come through well. Just when we thought life was back to normal, my partner was diagnosed with cancer – not curable, but manageable. Weeks into the cancer journey, I lost my job. Normally an energetic and positive person with a zest for life, I hit a wall. Fell into an emotional trough I couldn’t climb out of. The walls were grey and slippery. I felt like I’d lost my way, at a time I needed to be strong. I’d lived 54 rewarding years, but the confidence I’d learned and earned over that time deserted me.

A friend recommended I see Den at Well & Truly for some flower essences.

Den was caring and kind and I blurted stuff out. I felt I was with someone who understood where I was coming from. Her questions were random, yet pertinent. I laughed and I cried. A huge weight lifted, and I left Den feeling lighter. Over the next week of taking the flower essence remedy Den specifically prescribed for me, I began to feel better . Braver and stronger, with more energy. I felt more like my old self.

Den’s flower essences are now an essential part of my life. The time I’ve spent with Den has been therapeutic and healing. There are no walls now, certainly not grey and slippery ones. I’m prioritizing, living fully in the moment. Feeling good, appreciating the simple treasures life has to offer. I wasn’t doing that a month ago.

If you have a life glitch, I’d seriously recommend you go and see Den. Worked for me.  —- J A

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