About DenWelcome to ‘About Den’ and what lead me to homeopathy and the other modalities I offer when working with people as a homeopathic health consultant.

Homeopathy encompasses our whole general health, issues and the things that led us to becoming unwell or out of balance. In today’s world the pace and complexity of life seems to impact two very important aspects of health our mental and emotional wellbeing and our lifestyle and diet. In the last ten years food choices and stress management has become an intrinsic aspect of working with people homoeopathically.

I graduated from the Bay of Plenty College in 1996 (now CNHH) and established well & truly initially as both a homeopathic health clinic and health retail outlet. Flower essences,  rapidly became a focal attraction  in the store and drew locals from all around Ponsonby. This  inspired  the development of the well & truly flower essence blends

A couple of years later after closing the store, I began working with a close friend in The Kids Clinic which later became part of well & truly. I continue to work extensively with families and children.

My first  homeopathic ‘experience’ was many years ago when my children were young. My daughter had a terrible time teething and after months of difficult nights and days, a friend who used homeopathy suggested the remedy Chamomilla. It was completely new to me but I was desperate to try anything that might help. I was  amazed, my daughter’s discomfort and  demeanour changed in 15 minutes it was quite unbelievable to me at the time. The seeds were sown though. This began my ongoing interest and passion in homeopathy which continues today. I still find myself at times in awe, at the level of life changes and health impact homeopathy can excite.

Once you experience the benefits of homeopathy you want to learn more and use it when you can and have a need. Homeopathy provides great home health support and gives parents peace of mind once they gain confidence to use it, to overcome the frightening experience of managing an unwell child. It is completely complimentary to general medical health care and treatment.

Over the years my interests and personal health journey lead me to investigate and learn a variety of health modalities. As a young mum, our family lived in a rural area, within a community where we tried as much as possible to grow and make all our own food. The growing and tending to plants for food and preparing and preserving food has given me great appreciation and enjoyment of food. I do believe   ‘food is medicine’ and as much as possible will encourage and support people, to aim to get their nutrition from fresh, real food. ‘We are what we eat’ and today, much of our food is contaminated, so even more important  to ensure what we are eating is healthy and nutritious.

Today’s lifestyles with time being  our most precious and limited resource, makes food preparation no longer the priority it used to be. Today more than ever before we need to ensure we eat good quality food.This is a difficulty many face. Much of the ongoing work I do with people is around supporting them with food ideas, strategies and food preparation time plans to simplify as much as possible.

Flower essences  have an increasingly relevant role to play in our future mental health care. Today’s world is so difficult for many. Flower essence help on many levels, from simple stress to deep emotional distress which is when a  personalised essence blend is needed.

As a volunteer of the  NZ Homœopathic Society I’d recommend anyone interested in homeopathy, go to their website NZ Homœopathic Society  They offer a wealth of books and information, for sale and a library. This is a volunteer run and administered organisation now entering its 68th year! An incredible feat in today’s world and expresses the passion homeopathy excites in people who have the opportunity to experience it. 

As a registered homeopath with the NZ Council of Homeopaths, ongoing learning never ceases, the interest and enthusiasm continues. I feel very fortunate to be in my role of working with people and their families in their health recovery journeys. I love seeing the changes that occur for people as we work together and do my utmost to ensure we get the best results we can.

You are welcome to contact me if you would like to have a chat or have a query about your health concern before booking in.

well & truly is part of the Triune Health Centre a great clinic with a wonderful team of health practitioners who collectively provide a fabulous range of services. 


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