Homeopathic remedy, homeopathic pillsCONSULTATIONS: 

Homeopathic health consultations: For varied health complaints, simple acute complaints and longer term illness may all benefit and improve with homeopathy.  Treatment plans are tailored to meet your specific concerns and determined by the nature of your health complaint.

Homeopathic consultation fees:

1st appointment  75 – 90 minutes = $125 – $150  (Includes homeopathic remedy)

If a flower essence blend may be included with  consultation   =  $20 

Home or hospital visits are offered and charged out at the above rate, plus a $30 fee to cover fuel, parking and travel expenses to and from appointment.

FOLLOW UP CONSULTATION REVIEWS: are essential to ensuring the remedy given, is appropriate in potency and repetition for your health needs. The timing of reviews is determined by your health situation, location and availability.  Follow up reviews are offered by Phone, email, WhatsApp or face to face, by Skype or in our clinic.

Follow up review fees are determined by the time required.

In clinic or Skype reviews: 45 – 60 minutes = $75 – $100

Phone follow up reviews, first aid or acute illness phone consultations/support: Charged out at $69 per hour in 10-minute increments. If an acute situation requires ongoing review, an additional fee may be added for note updating, homeopathic remedy review and analysis time,  if applicable. There is no charge for calls under 5 minutes unless more than 1 call a day is made.


Homeopathic treatment is very effective and speeds healing and recovery in first aid, sporting and acute ailments and injuries. It is a wonderful complement to standard medical procedures. Consultation fee includes prescribed homeopathic remedies. 

20 – 30 minute consultations  – $45-$65 

FLOWER ESSENCE CONSULTATIONS: Are offered to help support, and manage: Difficult, emotionally challenging or traumatic times

  • Making changes to behavioural patterns and lifestyle
  • Finding life focus and purpose
  • Clinic, phone or Skype 45 – 60 minutes $80 – $100 (includes flower essence blend)

Regular instalment payments for any treatments provided are an option we offer if required. Please discuss at the time of consultation or booking.


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Discussion of what troubles you,  physically and emotionally and historically. How that impacts you, what helps or aggravates the symptoms or feelings that are troublesome. To prescribe the most effective remedy I aim to gain an understanding of your nature, personality and responses to life. This guides and directs the selection of the best homeopathic medicine for you. 

The consultation itself is for many a very therapeutic and stress relieving process.


Discussion of what you’d like support with and what are the most difficult aspects of that for you. Flower essences will be selected to strengthen and help you overcome or manage the difficulties of your situation.

Whether you are:

  • Recovering from a personal trauma or loss,
  • Wishing to change a behavioural pattern,
  • Enhance communication in a difficult relationship, 
  • Inspire, motivate and gain a sense of life and soul purpose; 

A well-selected combination of flower essences provides a fantastic tool to assist and enable us to be the best we can be throughout difficult times, increasing our self-awareness, personal growth and life development.

If you have any queries about the above information you are welcome to phone, text or email,  I am happy to discuss your needs and the treatments offered.

Phone 09 366 6089 or  021 059 5025

Email  [email protected]

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