Chill Out relieves and soothes tension, stress and anxiety. As Chill Out settles, many physical symptoms that accompany stress are resolved, such as: When feeling overwhelmed, tense, stressed and anxious Nervous tension – causing “butterflies”, anxiety, panicky feelings, shakiness and heart palpitations Muscle tension – commonly caused by intense mental concentration from working on… Read More

Focus stimulates mental focus, clarity and sustains concentration. It is wonderful when studying, or managing a variety of different tasks, particularly if feeling scattered and distracted. Focus helps you concentrate, centre your thoughts and attention. Focus assists: Creativity -writing essays, assignments, planning, Organisation and logical thought processes Studying, Focus helps concentration, memory retention and generally… Read More

Light Heart soothes and gives us strength and support through difficult and despairing times of grief and loss. Light Heart helps us stand back from the deep and intense sadness we experience in these times. We are more able to  feel and see “the bigger picture” and gain a philosophical perspective, along with increased self awareness and understanding. Light… Read More

Well & Truly’s rescue remedy is the first blend to call on in times of shock, trauma, fear, anger, anxiety, panic virtually any intense and overwhelming emotion. S.O.S. combines the flower essences Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Red Clover, Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem and is useful in the following situations: After any accident, shock,… Read More

Speak Out helps overcome shyness, fear and lack of confidence, particularly in areas of communication, speaking out and public speaking. This blend contains English and North American essences Calendula, Cosmos, Garlic, Larch and Mimulus, and Sunflower.… Read More

Willpower helps sustain enthusiasm and motivation when facing times of challenge and change. Willpower helps us rally our inner strength and determination when confidence is low and enthusiasm wanes. Willpower is helpful for the following situations: When someone is easily overwhelmed or dominated by stronger personalities – dealing with teenagers, strong willed children, employers, parents,… Read More

Sweet Dreams is helpful for a variety of sleep problems. Sweet Dreams helps break the cycle of bad sleep patterns and is used by many, adults and children to assist calm and restful sleep. Sweet Dreams helps in the following situations: Calms and settles when waking with nightmares Helps settle and unwind when your mind… Read More

Joy of Life (Joie de Vivre) combines essences to lift spirits and boost enthusiasm, it is helpful when we feel flat, low or lethargic. Today’s busy and fast paced life can be overwhelming and too serious, life can lose its magic. When we feel uninspired or flat, things often go wrong and life seems more… Read More