new beginnings pack   The new beginnings pack inludes three flower essence blends to stimulate change and strengthen and support through times of transition. Joy of Life to uplift and support when feeling flat, tired and unenthusiastic. Focus helps prioritise, organise and develop ideas while sustaining mental focus and concentration.  Willpower strengthens determination and motivates… Read More

New Mum Pack Our New Mum Pack includes three flower essence blends to address and overcome some of the challenges faced with a new baby. Sweet Dreams to calm & soothe when overtired, overexcited & unable to settle (baby & mum) SOS – eases pain, shock, panic, fright, anger & anxiety and settles upset infants… Read More

Fabulously Feminine Pack includes the flower essence blends Fabulously Feminine, SOS and Joy of Life. These blends  provide support through some of the challenging and difficult times we face as women. Fabulously Feminine balances and soothes the difficult emotions sometimes experienced with hormonal fluctuations. Joy of Life lifts spirits and brings back ‘Joie de Vivre’… Read More

Study pack The Study pack includes three flower essence blends to assist mental focus, calm and settle anxiety and nerves from sustained concentration and inspire creativity. Chill Out to relieve  the stress and tension that often accompanies  study, exams or intense mental work Focus to sustain concentration &  enhance mental focus and clarity of mind… Read More