Wonderful Plants   A Seminar with Jan Scholten     6th – 8th March 2015 Auckland Deaf Society, 164 Balmoral Rd, Auckland       Jan will illustrate how to work with “Wonderful Plants” using his newly developed Plant Theory. Using this approach, Wonderful Plants becomes accessible and introduces… Read More

This year is the 60th anniversary of the NZ Homeopathic Society. Since 1951 The NZ Homeopathic Society has continued to promote and support the use of Homeopathy around the country. Members of the Society receive 5 copies of the Homeopathica magazine per year and have access to books from the Homeopathic book store and library. If… Read More

Dr Samir Chaukkar MD Presents Pediatric traits in Homeopathy Saturday November 20th 9.30 – 5.00 At NZ Homeopathic Society Dr Chaukkar has a wealth of medical and homeopathic experience spanning two decades in both India and Canada. He is visiting NZ in November and has kindly offered to share some of his insights and experience… Read More

by Alicia Lee A new and innovative way to view homeopathic remedy pictures. In three volumes Alicia  has given us three of the most beautifully presented, well researched and easy to access books containing over 340 mind maps and differential charts of animal, mineral and plant remedies. These mind maps provide a wealth of remedy… Read More

As the Vitamin C debate hots up, 60 minutes are to air a follow up story this Wednesday. The Sunday program is also broadcasting a piece on Cancer and Vitamin C. At the Vitamin C Can Cure Coalition we are being contacted daily by family members wanting High Dose Intravenous Vitamin C (HDIVC ) as well as by supportive Doctors, Oncologists and Professors. The Thomas Levy Event this Friday is something you will not want to miss! … Read More

Next Homeopathic Society talk “Infertility in men and women”  Guest speaker Leila Joffe Saturday 1.00 pm – 2.45   November 13th Homeopathic Society Bookroom 320 Mt Eden Rd, Mt Eden Leila Joffe presents this second session of a two part talk. The first session was very well received,  in this next session more emphasis is on various homeopathic remedies used in… Read More