Chill Out relieves and soothes tension, stress and anxiety. As Chill Out settles, many physical symptoms that accompany stress are resolved, such as:

When feeling overwhelmed, tense, stressed and anxious

Nervous tension – causing “butterflies”, anxiety, panicky feelings, shakiness and heart palpitations

Muscle tension – commonly caused by intense mental concentration from working on computers, data entry, or studying. These situations impact significantly on the neck and shoulder area, resulting in aches, pains, headaches and for some, migraines. Many migraine sufferers find that using Chill Out at the onset of migraine symptoms, has a significant effect in hastening recovery time.

Some stomach problems, acid stomach/reflux, irritable bowel, appetite loss, are eased dramatically with Chill Out if directly attributed to present stress and tension. Children, often experience their stress in the form of stomach aches.

Some skin complaints – eczema, dermatitis, or pimples, can be improved IF they are a result of stress or tension.

All the well & truly blends are available in two sizes:-

15 ml dropper top $18.50

30 ml dropper top $23.50

30 ml spray top    $25.00                  

Plus courier/postage $5 within NZ  $8 Australia

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