Willpower helps sustain enthusiasm and motivation when facing times of challenge and change. Willpower helps us rally our inner strength and determination when confidence is low and enthusiasm wanes.

Willpower is helpful for the following situations:

  • When someone is easily overwhelmed or dominated by stronger personalities – dealing with teenagers, strong willed children, employers, parents, older siblings
  • Being alone in later life, particularly, when children have moved on, or when unexpectedly widowed or single.
  • Studying – particularly towards the end of a course or paper
  • Caregiving/nursing a chronically ill friend or family member with special needs
  • Training for performance or particular event
  • Sticking with a challenging routine – diet, organisational plan, course of studies, exercise regime
  • Overcoming habits – eating, sweet cravings, smoking drinking

Willpower combines the North American FES essences California Wild Rose, Mountain Pride, Tansy and Sunflower with the English flower essence Centaury.