Chill Out helps relieve and soothe tension, stress and anxiety. A variety of physical symptoms may be triggered by stress or tension and if so, Chill Out often can  often provide some relief. 


Feelings of overwhelm, stress and anxiety

Nervous tension – sometimes felt as  “butterflies”  panicky feelings, shakiness and heart palpitations

Muscle tension – commonly experienced from long hours of  intense mental concentration, computer work,  or studying. This often impacts muscles in the neck and shoulder area, resulting in aches, pains, headaches or migraines. The Dandelion essence in Chill Out helps reduce and soften the muscular knots caused by tension. Many body workers and therapists use a few drops or spray of Chill Out before a treatment  to assist the relief and release of stress and tension.

When migraines are a direct result of stress tension, Chill Out taken  at the onset of symptoms, for some has helped reduce the recovery timeframe after effects of the migraine.

Upset digestion and stomach discomfort, in fact many children experience their stress as “sore tummy”.  If so Chill Out can often help soothe that discomfort.

Some experience skin complaints when stressed, whether it be eczema, dermatitis, or pimples, there is often an improvement as stress is reduced and managed with Chill Out

Chill Out flower essence blend combines the FES North American flower essences  Chamomile, Dandelion, Lavender and Yarrow and the English flower essence Elm.


Chill Out

Chill Out calms and soothes physical tension, stress and anxiety.

$26.00 — $27.00

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