The Esteem flower essence synergy helps instil a  sense of self confidence and self acceptance  assisting the overcoming of negative self thoughts and doubts. 

When we feel good about ourselves and who we are, we gain a sense of empowerment, vitality and the  possibilities of what we can do, be and achieve expand  

Having Esteem for ourselves, is an essential aspect of good health and happiness.


Using the Esteem essence blend helps us:

  • Overcome self criticism and negativity regarding ourselves and our body image

  • Generates and inspires positive thoughts and feelings about ourselves, our self worth, our appearance and ultimately gives us a sense of peace and happiness with who we are.


When we truly have Esteem for ourselves, we feel fantastic and attract positive energy and situations into our lives.


The Esteem flower essence synergy combines the North American FES flower essences Alpine Lily, Buttercup, Pretty Face and Sunflower and Bach/English flower essences  Cerato and Crab Apple.




Esteem instils a sense of self-confidence and self-esteem

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Esteem flower essence blend instils a sense of self acceptance, confidence and helps overcome negative self thoughts and doubts

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