The Focus flower essence blend helps stimulate mental focus, clarity and sustains concentration. It is a wonderful combination to use when studying, or busy managing a variety of different tasks, particularly if feeling scattered and distracted. Focus really helps you concentrate, centre your thoughts and attention.



  • Creativity -writing essays, assignments, planning,
  • Organisation and logical thought processes
  • Studying – Focus helps concentration, memory retention and enhances mental focus and clarity
  • Teaching and presenting – Helps you  keep calm and keep your mind on the job at hand, and stay with the planned format
  • Managing a variety of roles or demands: Today’s busy lifestyles require diverse organisational skills, easily compromised when we feel tired or overcommitted in areas. 
  • Starting and adjusting to the school routine – many children find it extremely difficult to simply sit still in a classroom, focus on the teacher and lessons. Focus has a tremendous impact and has helped many little one adjust to and adapt to the classroom situation.


FOCUS flower essence blend combines the FES North American flower essences Indian Pink, Indian Paintbrush, Madia, Nasturtiam, Peppermint and Rabbitbrush.



Enhances and sustains memory retention, mental clarity and concentration

$26.00 — $27.00

Enhances and sustains memory retention, mental clarity and concentration

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