Sweet Dreams flower essence blend helps a variety of sleep  problems. Sweet Dreams helps break the cycle of bad sleep patterns and is used by many, adults and children to assist calm and restful sleep.



Calms and settles when waking with nightmares

Helps us settle and unwind when mind or thoughts are overactive and difficult to turn off or calm.

Helps re-establish sleep patterns that may have been disturbed after:

  • Childbirth- waking frequently to feed a new baby
  • Working night shifts/extended late nights
  • Travelling through different time zones – body clock confusion
  • Nursing/caring for a person or sick child
  • Emotional overwhelm


Sweet Dreams is effective also  for babies and infants whose sleep patterns have changed after teething or illness, or when they are simply overtired from excitement or change of routine. Drops or spray, can be smoothed into the temples, inner wrists or on to the fontanelle.

If sleep has been disturbed for some time, to reprogramme sleep patterns, we suggest as follows:

  • Take a few drops in the afternoon, repeat again after dinner and again before bed. Have the Sweet Dreams beside your bed and if you have trouble going to sleep, take drops every 20 minutes untilyou settle to sleep, or;


  • If your problem is more that you wake up after sleeping and struggle to go back to sleep, then take drops every 20 minutes after waking until you go back to sleep. It may take a couple of days for sleep patterns to settle, but the majority of people who try Sweet Dreams find a marked improvement generally within a week.


Sweet Dreams combines the North American FES flower essences Lavender, Chamomile, Dill, St Johns Wort and the English flower essences Red and White Chestnut


Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams calms and soothes disturbed sleep patterns

$26.00 — $27.00

Sweet Dreams calms and soothes disturbed sleep patterns

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