Chill Out Flower Essence Blend

Chill Out flower essence blend helps relieve stress, tension and anxiety. Chill Out helps the mind and body connection providing an overall de-stress and calming impact.

Today’s world and lifestyles are busy and many experience increased levels of stress, tension and anxiety.  There are varied physical stress related symptoms that Chill Out flower essence blend can help relieve such as stress, tension and anxious feelings.

Chill Out helps ground the mind and body connection assisting the stabilising and de-stress and calming process.

Chill Out flower essence blend can help settle and soothe:

  • Nervous tension –  “butterflies”  panicky feelings, shakiness and heart palpitations
  • Muscle tension – when it is a result of long hours of  intense mental concentration, computer work,  or studying. The neck and shoulder area are prime targets suffering with aches and pains. Some also experience stress headaches or migraines. The Dandelion essence in Chill Out helps reduce and soften the muscular knots caused by tension and effectively provides relief. Many body workers and therapists use a few drops or spray of Chill Out before a treatment  to assist the release of stress and tension.
  • If migraines are a typical response to  stress or tension, Chill Out used at the onset of symptoms, can  help speed recovery and reduce intensity of the after effects of migraines.
  • Upset tummy and gut issues from stress is common, particularly in children. Chill Out may and often provides relief. 
  • Some skin sensitivities and irritations flare up when stressed, pimples, eczema or dermatitis often improve as tense feelings and stress is reduced and managed with Chill Out

How to use Chill Out flower essence blend:

As Chill Out is often called for when stress and tension are high and ongoing. Use as needed to provide relief, repeating doses whenever the tension or stress recurs.  2 drops or 1 spray is a dose

Flower essences have ‘a personality profile’ of various themes and strengths. Essences in Chill Out are listed below with their  specific focus to our Chill Out blend, for relief of tension and stress.

For those wanting more  in depth information on each of the flower essences, the FES Repertory is a wonderful tool and workbook for fower essence selection.

Chill Out flower essence blend combines the FES North American flower essences  Chamomile, Dandelion, Downy Avens, Hounds Tongue, Lavender and Yarrow and the English flower essence Elm.

For more information on the individual flower essences go flower essences or

Chamomile: Changeable moods and emotions. Easily upset, irritable and grumpy, stress is  felt in the stomach area. Great difficulty releasing emotional stress resulting in sleep problems.

Dandelion: Releases physical tension, is often used topically for softening hard, knotty muscles. For people  who overfill their days, ‘work hard play hard’ ambitious personality. Dandelion helps one tune in to their body’s needs and ease off the overdriving, push tendency.

Downy Avens: Strong focus on mind and intellectual activity, to the point of over-riding emotions and tuning in to  personal self awareness. Helps ground and connect mind and emotions.

Elm: Feeling overwhelmed by duties, responsibilities, not up to the task at hand. Plagued by feelings of self doubt, which often leads to general fatigue

Hounds Tongue: Inspires holistic thinking, integrates imagination and intellect, overcoming the materialistic and analytic thinking

Lavender: Soothes, settles and calms. Use when overstimulated, wound up and tense, to relieve headaches, neck and shoulder tension and insomnia

Yarrow: One of the most strengthening and protective essences, a key essence in the Yarrow Environmental Solution. Useful when feeling vulnerable and oversensitive to others, the environment, almost everything.

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Chill Out

Chill Out calms and soothes physical tension, stress and anxiety.

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Chill Out flower essence blend combines essences to calm and soothe stress, tension and anxious feelings

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