Boosts self-esteem, confidence  

Esteem flower essence blend strengthens and boosts self-esteem, builds self-confidence and excites a ‘I feel great and look fantastic’ feeling.

Esteem gives us a feeling of vibrance, confidence and self-appreciation. This creates a sense of strength and confidence to manage and overcome situations that might otherwise be difficult.

The flower essences in Esteem help build our self confidence and self esteem by:

  • Overcoming  self criticism, negative self talk and thought patterns
  • Promoting a positive feeling  for ourselves, our body image and shape
  • Accepting and being happy with who we are and how we look
  • Promoting thoughts of ‘I am fabulous’
  • As positive thoughts and feelings increase, so does our sense of self-esteem and confidence. We become more resilient and attract more positive and appealing situations and people into our lives.

The flower essences in Esteem are listed with their particular focus to our Esteem  blend, to  ‘help build a sense of self confidence and self esteem’.

All flower essences have ‘a personality profile’  reflecting how they can help and what we might seek from them. Esteem combines the FES flower essences  Alpine Lily, Buttercup, Columbine, Pretty Face and Sunflower and the English essences Cerato and Crab Apple.

For more information on the individual flower essences go flower essences or

There is more in depth information on each of the flower essences in the FES Repertory a wonderful workbook for anyone wishing to work with and select flower essences for health and wellbeing.

Alpine Lily:  For women and girls feeling negative about their femininity and body functions

Buttercup: Helps overcome self critical and doubting thoughts. Creates appreciation for our own personal differences.

Cerato: Increases trust in our instincts and intuition boosting self-confidence in who we are and what we think and feel!

Columbine: Excite radiance and vibrant expression in speaking and actions,  which inspires others.

Crab Apple: For obsessive thoughts of perceived body and physical faults and imperfections. Inspires positive feelings and thoughts of self.

Pretty Face: Striving to be something else,  a certain image or look. Helps accept and appreciate our  body image and shape. Opens mind to see and value more than just physical appearances.

Sunflower: Brings forth boldness and confidence. Inspires a bright and sunny outlook, boosts self confidence and self-acceptance.

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Esteem instils a sense of self-confidence and self-esteem

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Esteem flower essence blend instils a sense of self acceptance, confidence and helps overcome negative self thoughts and doubts

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