Fabulously Feminine flower essence blend balances and soothes intense emotions that often occur with hormonal changes.

Changeable and intense emotions can trouble many girls and women when hormones are changing. Fabulously Feminine helps settle, calm and soothe intense and changeable emotions and strengthen feelings of vulnerability and sensitivity. Emotions such as irritability, weepiness and anger to apathy can all be intense. 

Fabulously Feminine balances,  and soothes emotional ups and downs that can occur with hormonal changes.

Fabulously Feminine can assist in the following peak hormonal times:

  • Pre-menarche – many young girls experience huge emotional swings before their menstrual period begins
  • Premenstrual tension – for some women, emotional fluctuations can also occur around ovulation
  • Contraceptive medication – intensified mood swings and emotional sensitivity
  • Pregnancy, birth, post-natal period and breast feeding – times of huge hormonal changes, which may often continue for a period after weaning
  • Menopause and the Pre and Post-Menopausal period

Fabulously Feminine combines the FES flower essences  Chocolate Lily, Mugwort, Pink Yarrow, Tiger Lily  & Scarlet Fritillary  and the English/Bach essences Beech and Cherry Plum.

Beech: When we feel overly critical, judgemental and intolerant of others. Vulnerability and insecurity heighten our sensitivity to surroundings of environment and socially.

Chocolate Lily: Helps overcome an aversion to physical eliminative functions, revulsed by menstruation, lactation and basic physical processes. Helps acceptance of body’s needs and responses.

Cherry Plum: Extreme fear of losing control, desperate, destructive feelings,. Cherrypicked Plum helps overcome extreme tension and fear bringing forth strength and encouragement.

Mugwort: Feeling out of touch with physical reality, triggering irrational, historical or overly emotional responses.

Pink Yarrow: Helps us balance our sense of empathy for others without compromising personal boundaries, Enables objectivity when confronted with confusing emotions and disharmony.

Scarlet Fritillary:  Exhaustion and depletion of physical energy, sexual vitality and reproductive health. Helps integrate and balance masculine and feminine focus and energy.

Tiger Lily: Balances overaggressive and competitive attitudes. Tiger Lily stimulates and nurtures a sense of inner peace and co-operation.

Flower essences have a personality profile of varied themes. Essences in Fabulously Feminine blend are listed below with their focus regarding their selection  in our Fabulously Feminine blend, to balance  and soothe the intense emotions that may acccompany hormonal changes.

There is more in depth information on each of the flower essences in the FES Repertory a wonderful workbook for anyone wishing to work with and select flower essences for health and wellbeing.

For more information on the individual flower essences go flower essences or flowersociety.org

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Fabulously Feminine

Balances and stabilises the emotional ups and downs that may accompany hormonal changes.

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Fabulously Feminine flower essence blend balances and soothes the intense emotions that may accompany hormonal changes.


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