Focus flower essence blend helps stimulate and sustain mental focus, clarity and concentration. Useful when studying, managing  many different tasks or feeling scattered and distracted. Focus helps you concentrate, centre thoughts and stay on task.



  • Creativity -writing essays, assignments, planning,
  • Organisation and logical thought processes
  • Studying – Focus helps clarity and concentration, memory retention and enhances mental focus and clarity
  • Teaching and presenting – Helps you  keep calm and keep your mind on the job at hand, and stay with the planned format
  • When needing to manage many different roles at once. Juggling time and activities. When we are tired or overcommitted in many areas, it is difficult to focus and be organised. Focus flower essence blend helps us centre our mind and think clearly.
  • Starting school – many children find it difficult to adjust to the school routine. Many children find it very difficult to simply sit still in a classroom, look and listen to the teacher and lessons. Focus has a tremendous impact and has helped many little ones adjust to and adapt to the classroom situation. Our boys are especially challenged by the age of school beginning and the expectation of  mental focus and reduced physical action,

FOCUS flower essence blend combines the FES North American flower essences Clematis, Cosmos, Indian Pink, Indian Paintbrush, Lemon, Madia, Nasturtiam, Peppermint and Rabbitbrush.

Every flower essence has a personality profile of varied themes. The essences below are listed with their strengths for our Focus blend.

Clematis:  Daydreaming, unfocused, ‘spaced out’ thinking

Cosmos: Brings thinking and speaking processes together. Helps overcome disorganised communication. Useful when overwhelmed by too many ideas.

Indian Pink: Centres attention and focus when under stress. Helps co-ordinate and manage many different activities.

Indian paintbrush: Grounds the body and mind connection. Useful when undergoing intense mental focus and creative work. 

Lemon: Balances thinking processes with creative imagination. Helps mental fatigue, learning disorders

Madia: When we feel ‘scattered’, or ‘all over the place’, Madia helps focus our attention and prioritise on what needs to happen. Useful when easily distracted.

Nasturtiam: Prolonged intense intellectual work may lead to  ‘burn out’ resulting in colds, and acute illness. Nasturtiam boosts vitality and energy.

Peppermint: Stimulates mental alertness and clear thinking. Use when feeling sluggish, dull and mentally lethargic.

Rabbitbrush: When easily overwhelmed by details or busyness, Rabbitbrush helps bring many different threads together to create an overview of the bigger picture.

For more information on the individual flower essences go flower essences or

There is more in depth information on each of the flower essences in the FES Repertory a wonderful workbook for anyone wishing to work with and select flower essences for health and wellbeing.

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Enhances and sustains memory retention, mental clarity and concentration

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Enhance and sustain memory retention, mental clarity and concentration

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