Motivates action behavioural change

Change flower essence blend, inspires and motivates action to make changes to lifestyle or behavioural patterns. ‘Change’ also provides support when going through difficult lifestyle changes.

Use Change to inspire and motivate action when:

  • Seeking a new direction and not knowing where to start
  • Preparing yourself for a new direction or goal
  • Create and action plans for a new career, study course,  health and exercise regime
  • Overcome and change a lifestyle habit or behaviour –  food, diet, emotional responses, daily routines
  • Putting off and postponing action plans

Change flower essence blend is also helpful when:

It is difficult to accept or come to terms with a lifestyle change or pattern such as:

  • Moving to a new home or completely different environment. Especially when it not  your choice e.g. for children or due to age or health reasons
  • Family dynamic changes – new step parent,  loss of a family member, birth of a sibling
  • Adapting and settling into a new home, school, job or country 
  • Helps adapt and accept to lifestyle changes

How to use Change flower essence blend:

When overcoming habits or behavioural patterns, take ‘Change’ as often as needed. Take a spray or drops anytime you lose  your focus on the changes you wish to make. Repeat as often and when needed.

Change flower essence blend combines the FES North American flower essences Alpine Aster, Explorers Gentian, Californian Poppy, Cayenne, Morning Glory and Nicotiana and the English flower essences Chestnut Bud & Walnut

Flower essences have ‘a personality profile of varied attributes. Essences in Change are listed below with their focus regarding their selection  in our Change blend. There is more in depth information on each of the flower essences in the FES Repertory a wonderful workbook for flower essence selection.

Many find the Willpower flower essence blend useful to follow on from Change to sustain the focus of the new patterns instigated by Change if enthusiasm wanes. 

For more information on the individual flower essences go to Flower essences A – L   Flower essences M – Z or

Alpine Aster: Over-identification with materialistic and physical body – helps connect with deeper spiritual and meditative process

Californian Poppy: Seeks distraction, glamour, thrills – inspires heart centred balance and awareness that ’all that glitters is not gold’

Cayenne: Fiery and energetic, helps overcome stagnation, excites focus and action

Chestnut Bud: Helps break free of repetitive and habitual patterns that limit our full development and potential.

Explorers Gentian: Renews focus for connecting with one’s life purpose

Morning Glory: Feels dull and  drawn to exciting, erratic and addictive lifestyle habits – helps us get in touch with natural body rhythms

Nicotiana: Desires stimulants to numb feelings, presents a cool tough persona – helps connect us with heart feelings and personal self  awareness

Walnut: Overly influenced by others gives one courage to follow one’s own path

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Inspires and motivates one to action changes of behavioural and lifestyle patterns. Change also strengthens and supports through difficult life changes.

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Change – Change flower essence blend, inspires and motivates action to change and retrain habits, behaviour, emotional responses and lifestyle patterns. 

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