Joy of Life boosts enthusiam, lifts spirits

Joy of Life  flower essence blend helps boost enthusiasm, uplift mood and  spirit, excite a Joy of Life feeling.

Some days, for no obvious reason, we feel less inspired and enthusiastic. Those days are likely to be ones where everything seems hard and things  go wrong. ‘Joy of Life’  helps us change that feeling and energy and turn that around. By changing how we feel we seem to attract different situations into our day. 

It is easy in today’s busy world for work and serious matters to  take over. We can become too serious, too adult and  lose sight of the most important  and joyful aspects of life. ‘Joy of Life’ helps remind us of the importance of balance and excites the wish to lighten up, have fun and enjoy, creating a ‘Joy of Life’ focus.

Flower essences have the ability to shift the way we think and feel, opening our minds to new  possibilities. When we change the way we feel, everything around us seems to change also. We then may attract a whole different set of circumstances and events into our day. 


  • We take life too seriously, feel too busy to make the time to enjoy the small and special things life offers
  • Our day may not get off to a good start
  • We feel drained or flat after long hours of work, or intense mental concentration
  • When overtired, rundown, or recuperating from an acute illness
  • Changes of season: For many long winter nights and short days are difficult, lack of sunshine! Summer holiday and festive times are over! Returning to work and the year ahead can be a very difficult time.

All flower essences have ‘a personality profile’  reflecting how they can help us and what we might seek from them. Essences in Joy of Life are listed below with their specific focus to our Joy of Life blend. Boost enthusiasm uplift spirits and mood.

For more in depth information on each of the flower essences  the FES Repertory is a wonderful workbook to help with flower essence selection. For more information on flower essences in general, research and studies go to

The Joy of Life flower essence blend combines the FES flower essences  Californian Wild Rose, Borage and Zinnia and the English flower essences Gentian, Hornbeam and Mustard

Borage: An uplifting essence that instils courage, confidence and strength. Helps us find the humour in daily life.

Californian Wild Rose: For apathy, lacklustre, flat can’t be bothered feelings. Boosts enthusiasm and desire to connect with others

Gentian: Strengthens perseverance, confidence and faith – all will be well. When feeling disheartened and discouraged, Gentian helps us view obstacles as opportunities for growth and strength.

Hornbeam: Feeling overwhelmed and fatigued, daily life seems dull and unexciting. Hornbeam brings back pleasure and joy to daily routine.

Mustard: Lifts gloom and despair when feeling low and depressed, and unable to find happiness or joy.

Zinnia: Brings back a sense of playfulness, fun and humour, reminds us not to take life too seriously. Useful for times of overwork and feeling over responsible

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Joy of Life

Joy of Life - Lift spirits, boost enthusiasm exciting that 'Joie de Vivre' feeling

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Joy of Life Flower Essence blend, lifts spirits and boosts enthusiasm

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