Sweet Dreams promotes calm restful sleep

Sweet Dreams helps calm and settle disurbed sleep, promote sound  restful sleep. Sweet Dreams is useful for a variety of sleep disturbances and helpful for adults, children and babies.


Calm and settle disturbed sleep, soothes after waking with nightmares

Difficulty going to sleep – relaxes the mind when busy thoughts disturb and unsettle.

Helps re-establish sleep patterns that may have been disturbed after:

  • Childbirth- waking frequently to feed a new baby
  • Working night shifts/extended late nights
  • Travelling through different time zones – body clock confusion
  • Nursing/caring for a person or sick child
  • Emotional overwhelm

Our Sweet Dreams blend is effective also  for babies and infants:

  • Sleep patterns disrupted after teething or illness
  • Lively excitable infants, who want to be active and part of everything
  • Simply overtired and cannot settle
  • Change of routine

 Drops or spray, can be smoothed into the temples, inner wrists or on to the fontanelle.

If sleep has been disturbed for some time, to reprogramme sleep patterns, we suggest:

  • Take a few drops/spray in the evening after dinner and again before bed. Have the Sweet Dreams beside your bed and if you have trouble going to sleep, take drops every 10 minutes until you settle into sleep
  • If the problem is, you wake after a short sleep and struggle to go back to sleep, then take drops or spray every 5 – 10 minutes after waking until you go back to sleep. It may take a couple of days for sleep patterns to settle, but the many people find a marked improvement generally within a week. 
  • The focus is to use Sweet Dreams to help create a new sleep pattern and habit

Flower essences impact how we think and feel, often completely shifting our views  on what is happening.  All flower essences have a ‘personality profile’  as to how they can help and what we might seek from them.  

Sweet Dreams combines the North American FES flower essences Californian Valerian, Lavender, Chamomile, Dill and St Johns Wort and the English flower essences Red and White Chestnut

The flower essences in the Sweet Dreams blend are listed with their focus in our Sweet Dreams blendCalm and settle disturbed sleep patterns

Californian Valerian: Overcomes nervousness, insomnia and over-worry about  what might happen in the future

Chamomile: Use when having difficult letting go of emotional stress at night that disturbs sleep

Dill: Calms and relaxes when easily overstimulated and cannot settle or quieten down

Lavender: Soothes and calms when overstimulated or nervous. Eases the ‘wound-up’ feeling

Red Chestnut: Useful for people who worry about and have fearful concerns for others

St Johns Wort: Calm, settle disturbed sleep,  quietens overactive dreams and settles after nightmares

White Chestnut: Quietens repetitive thoughts, and busy mind, overthinking the days events

For more information on the individual flower essences go flower essences or flowersociety.org

There is more in depth information on each of the flower essences in the FES Repertory a wonderful workbook for anyone wishing to work with and select flower essences for health and wellbeing. 

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Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams calms and soothes disturbed sleep patterns

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Sweet Dreams calms and soothes disturbed sleep patterns


  1. Is this effective for eye bags that are already very dark?
    because my insomnia is severe

  2. Author

    Hi, Sweet Dreams is very helpful for improving ease of falling asleep and quality and as such will help in that regard but dark eye rings that can be caused by many things and take a considerable time to overcome. Consistent quality sleep should help resolve I couldn’t say Sweet Dreams would effectively remove dark eye rings. I’m happy to speak with you more about that if you’d like to contact me.

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