Willpower strengthens resolve and determination when enthusiasm wanes


Strengthen willpower and motivation when enthusiasm  wanes during times of difficult and extended challenges.

Willpower  assists and supports: 

  • When we don’t  feel strong and are facing assertive people – e.g. dealing with difficult teenagers, strong willed children, employers, parents, older siblings
  • Adjusting to living alone in later life, when children have moved on, or unexpectedly widowed or single.
  • Studying – towards the end of any course,  Willpower strengthens motivation and determination when enthusiasm wanes
  • Looking after and caring for or nursing an ill family member or friend with many  needs
  • Undergoing intense training for a performance or event
  • Determination and motivation to stay with a challenging routine – food plan,  time management, study course, exercise health plan
  • Changing and overcoming habits – food and eating, cravings, smoking, drinking, social media, TV and distractions

Every flower essence has a personality profile of varied themes. The essences below are listed with their focus in our ‘Willpower’ blend.  Strengthening willpower and motivation when enthusiasm wanes.  So helpful when difficult times, weariness or stress deplete both enthusiasm and motivation!

For more information on the individual flower essences go flower essences or flowersociety.org

There is more in depth information on each of the flower essences in the FES Repertory a wonderful workbook for anyone wishing to work with and select flower essences for health and wellbeing.

California Wild Rose: Revitalises when feeling apathy and resignation

Centaury: Neglecting own needs, strengthens self care and focus balancing those who have difficulty saying no to others

Mountain Pride: Helps be more assertive, transforms disillusionment into positive energy for change

Nasturtium: Depletion of emotional vigour and life-force due to overstudy or over extension of self. Brings warmth and vitality into the practical aspects of daily life.

Tansy:  Feeling indecisive, lethargic, procrastinate to avoid pressure – helps confront difficulties and negative emotions

Sunflower: Boosts self esteem and strength, brings out individual personality 

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Willpower flower essence blend inspires enthusiasm and motivates determination

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Willpower flower essence blend excites enthusiasm and motivation

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