Saturday 2nd December 2017

Venue:  NZ Homoeopathic Society, 

320 Mt Eden Rd, Auckland. 10.30 – 4.00 pm

I’m pleased to be presenting this introductory insight session following the format I aim to continue over the 2018 year.

This Saturday  I will share some new information and review the process I follow when creating a personalised flower essence blend for myself or others.

This, and future sessions will each have  a specific focus, whereby a theme will be presented and  essences relevant to the theme  discussed and differentiated between, in reference to their use in the creation of personalised flower essence synergies. Examples of cases where the  essences have been used will be shown.

This session is aimed for anyone working with, or wanting to work with flower essences  in their practice and or anyone wishing  to use flower essences for themselves or others.

The flower essences used and presented are the North American FES and English Bach/Healing Herbs flower essences. In saying that the process of essence selection presented and used throughout the sessions can be utilised with any  flower essence range.


In this Saturday’s  session, we cover the process I have developed and used to select essences to make a personalised flower essence synergy over the last 25 years.

The theme focus of the day is to discuss and look at the  Connecting, disconnection and integration as a concept and issue challenging our population today within our current modern day life stresses and challenges. 

10.30 AM START:

  • Introduction to each other and the day
  • Keypoints in flower essence selection when making personalised blends for ourselves and others.
  • Work together on a case following the format presented to experience and see the process presented actioned
  • Connecting – leading to – Integration – the relevance of this theme in the making of  our flower essence synergies. How our connectedness to our innermost feelings and instincts, (or lack thereof) has an important role to play in any essence selection.
  • In presenting this theme I will discuss why I think one, or some of the essences presented may be a useful addition to a personalised synergy.
  • Attendees will receive handouts with an overview of the essences presented with their specific relevance to this theme, their positive qualities and patterns of imbalance.

The FES Repertory is an essential tool to this work and is available for purchase if you do not already have one. They are $60 available at the session and through our online store

This Pre-2018 Insight Session is $50.

For any queries or to register for the day please contact Den

By email  den@wellandtruly.co.nz or phone 09 366 6089