Flower essences provide us with a simple, safe  and effective  way of managing and overcoming difficult emotional times and stress.

Ideally a personalised combination of flower essences is the most powerful and effective way of using essences. However if you are not in a position to  have a consultation, one of our well & truly flower essence blends may assist you. The range was developed to  increase the availability of  flower essences for the many simple, yet challenging emotions and stresses we  all may experience at times in daily life.

Many people have, after experiencing the benefits of the blends have become inspired to use flower essences for deeper and more challenging emotions and issues. Using a personalised combination of flower essences often heralds profound change and increased self awareness, as well as strengthening and supporting us through difficult times and situations.

The essences of flowers have been used for centuries by many ancient cultures to balance and heal emotions.

In the 1930’s Dr Edward Bach recognised the connection between his patients’ ill health and their emotions and attitudes. He realised that to benefit his patients, their mental and emotional situation had to be included in their treatment.  He then went on to develop his system of flower essences for healing emotions. His 38 essences are still used today, and are known as the Bach or English essences.

In the 1970’s The Flower Essence Society (FES) in North America continued Dr Bach’s work, researching and carrying out clinical trials on many new essences more relevant to the stresses and challenges of today’s modern times. These new essences extend the range of situations that can be addressed by Dr Bach’s original essences.

I have worked with many different flower essence range over the last 15 years and have found the North American FES and Bach/English essences in combination, provide absolute effective, repeatable and consistent results in practise. Both have an international reputation for quality and efficacy.

If you have an emotional situation or stress that holds you back in some way or challenges your daily enjoyment of life, give a personalised flower essence blend a trial, you will be impressed and likely astounded at the results and impact.

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  • Hi, I am wanting to get some North American Bach Flower essences/remedies. Dcan you let me know if you are able to supply them to me please?

    Warm Regards
    Lynne Wilkinson

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