Change flower essence blend helps us when we are going through times of change and transition. It is also effective and strengthening when we want to make changes to behavioural patterns that no longer serve us.



  • Undertaking new goals and actioning plans  i.e. –  a new career, study course, exercise regime
  • Eating and energy imbalances/disorders – we may be aware of the foods best suited and nutritional for us, however eating patterns and habits can be difficult to overcome and support is often necessary to sustain the ongoing changes of better and different diets
  • Overcoming cravings and desires experienced from stimulants and drugs we may be accustomed to such as sugar, chocolate, tobacco, alcohol, medicinal or recreational drugs
  • “Change” is a blend that, when being used to make a behavioural change needs frequent repetition i.e. taken on a daily basis to instigate and sustain the the new patterns being put in place. 

To intensify the action of “Change” flower essence blend, creating an affirmation for yourself around the goal you are striving to attain is helpful.

Whenever you need to us your Change essence blend, stop for a moment, focus on your intention say or think your  affirmation to yourself and  intensify the process.

Another area Change has proven to be  very helpful,   is when we do not choose the making a change of lifestyle and find it difficult to adjust and accept the changes.

Situations Change may help:-

  • Elderly people that have had to move from their home of many years, into a different living environment
  • Adults or children that have had a major acccident or health issue where they have had to be hospitalised or immobilised for an extended period of time
  • Children adjusting to new family dynamics – new step parent, or loss of a parent, birth of a sibling
  • Adults and children adjusting to a new home, school, job, country (for some Light Heart may be more indicated, depending on whether a sadness or grief is being experienced)

Change contains the FES North American flower essences Californian Poppy, Cayenne, Morning Glory and Nicotiana and the English flower essences Chestnut Bud & Walnut


Change - Inspires and motivates behavioural changes

$17.39 — $23.48