Change flower essence blend strengthens and supports through times of change and transition and also helps us activate changes we wish to make in our lives.


  • Undertaking new goals and actioning plans  i.e. –  a new career, study course, exercise regime
  • Changing habits and patterns – making good choices, whether it be food, lifestyle, daily routines
  • Overcoming cravings and desires for substances or foods
  • “Change” is a blend that, when being used to reinforce a behavioural change needs to be taken as often as needed to help break the pattern and focus on the new direction or pattern you wish to action.

Change can also help one adapt to changes of lifestyle or routine when struggling to do so;

  • Elderly people that have had to move from their home of many years, into a different living environment
  • Adults or children after a life changing accident or health issue 
  • Children adjusting to new family dynamics – new step parent, or loss of a parent, birth of a sibling
  • Adjusting to a new home, school, job, country

Change contains the FES North American flower essences Californian Poppy, Cayenne, Morning Glory and Nicotiana and the English flower essences Chestnut Bud & Walnut


Change - Inspires and motivates behavioural changes

$17.39 — $23.48