Joy of Life (Joie de Vivre) combines flower essences to lift spirits and boost enthusiasm, helpful when we feel flat, low or lethargic.

Today’s busy and fast paced life can be overwhelming and very serious. Life can lose its magic, become a struggle and feel difficult. Using Joy of Life when we feel uninspired or flat helps us find the joy and make an attitude shift. It is amazing how our thoughts change our feelings and then  everything around us change and we attract totally different experiences into our day.




  • We take life too seriously, feel too busy to take the time to enjoy the small and special things life offers
  • Days simply don’t get off to a good start
  • We are left drained after sustaining intense mental effort or extended work hours
  • We feel flat because we are overtired, rundown physically, or recuperating from an acute illness
  • “The Winter Blues” affect many of us, a lack of blue skies and sunshine can have a bigimpact on  emotions and moods

The Joy of Life flower essence blend combines the FES North American flower essences Californian Wild Rose, Borage and Zinnia and the English flower essences Gentian, Hornbeam and Mustard

Joy of Life

Joy of Life - Joie de Vivre Lifts spirits and boosts enthusiasm

$26.00 — $27.00

Joie de Vivre
Lifts spirits and boosts enthusiasm

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