Next Homeopathic Society talk

“Infertility in men and women” 

Guest speaker Leila Joffe

Saturday 1.00 pm – 2.45   November 13th
Homeopathic Society Bookroom 320 Mt Eden Rd, Mt Eden

Leila Joffe presents this second session of a two part talk. The first session was very well received,  in this next session more emphasis is on various homeopathic remedies used in the treatment of Infertility. Leila  will discuss in depth, fertility and its relationship link to growth, regeneration and degeneration.

Special attention will be given to Infertility in women and men alike  with the use of cases to highlight the treatment given

Fertility, Birth, Growth, Decline and Death are all parts of the “cycle of life” and are in balance with each other. Each person’s vitality reflects his /her relationship to this cycle. Leila will discuss  how Homeopathy can play an integral part in addressing all aspects of the “cycle of life” and look at key remedies that support and integrate these aspects. We will also look at what maladies present themselves today, in relation to this cycle and what substances/ remedies we use for healing.

Leila Joffe has over 25 years of extensive experience as a teacher, trainer and therapist for adults and children in various education and health contexts both in New Zealand and internationally. Leila’s career in Homeopathy started in 1987, she studied at the School of Homeopathy in the Netherlands, run by Frans Vermeulen. She completed a postgraduate diploma with Alize Timmerman and another postgraduate course with Jeremy Sherr. She has also studied with Dr Rajan Sankaran.

Leila has also worked with children on the ASD spectrum collaborating with other practitioners who use the biomedical protocols to address this problem. She delivered a paper at the MINDD conference in Auckland, New Zealand in 2007 promoting the use of Homeopathy as a complementary discipline for such children. Together with a colleague, Claudia Routier she ran a Children’s Clinic at the Devonport Community Centre making Homeopathy available to the wider public. Their innovative way of running a children’s clinic has inspired the establishment of other such clinics in different parts of New Zealand.

Leila has been a tutor at the Wellington College of Homeopathy for the past four years and is passionate about teaching and her students.

The bookroom will be open from 12.30 – 3.30 members are welcome to browse books and use the library service before and after Leila’s talk.

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