Living Proof : IV Vitamin C and swine flu – 60 minutes 18th August 7:30 pm
It was July 2009 and a King Country dairy farmer was admitted to Auckland hospital with complications to swine flu. The farmer, transferred to intensive care and was in an induced coma with machines keeping him alive, including an ECMO machine, a complex life support system which takes over the function of the lungs. After 3 weeks the family were told that all ICU specialists were in unanimous agreement that the farmer “should be removed from ECMO and be allowed to die. Continuing is only prolonging his inevitable death”
However, the family were not prepared to lose their husband and father without a fight and refused to believe that all avenues of treatment had been explored. When an extended family member suggested intravenous Vitamin C as a treatment option, the family thought they had nothing to lose by trying it.
After a week of the IVC treatment, the farmer was well enough to come off the ECMO machine and is now fit, well and back on the farm.
An important consideration is therapeutic dose; in this case the patient was administered 50,000 mg IVC twice daily for 6 days.
You can read a statement on this case on the Centre for Advanced Medicine (CAM) website.
Reporter Melanie Reid says: “These people are salt of the earth country people. They wanted to try a controversial treatment, but they had to fight tooth and nail for it. And whatever your view of alternative treatments, there’s no doubt this man was all but dead and now he’s right as rain.”
Is it a one-off miracle? Or have the family stumbled on what may one day be a readily available treatment option?
Tune in to 60 Minutes, Wednesday 18th August, 7.30pm.
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One comment on “Living Proof : IV Vitamin C and swine flu – 60 minutes 18th August 7:30 pm

  • Thank you for highlighting this incredible story and the amazing benefits of ‘old fashion Vit C’. What is of major concern, is why the doctors stopped the Vit C after 2 days when the xray showed a huge overall improvement.?
    Well done to the family for fighting for their RIGHT to provide Vit C.
    Maryanne Simpson

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