This Flower Essence Repertory is an essential tool for anyone wishing to work with the FES and English Flower Essences.

It simplifies the whole essence selection process and is very well set out and user friendly. 

The book begins with a wide range of Cross reference categories, under each category are listed relevant essences and the aspect of each essence and its indications for use within that category.

The next section in the book lists a table of Flower Essence Profiles in alphabetical order. There are 103 of the North American FES flower essences and 38 of Dr Bach’s English flower essences listed with a full description/profile.

Each essence begins with a list of keynotes of the flower essence divided into Positive Qualities and Patterns of imbalance, in relation to that particular category.

This is followed by other cross references – being other categories the particular flower essence may be used for.

Then there is an in depth profile on the essence of the use of the flower essence itself.

This book really is a bible for flower essence users and a fantastically practical tool for both beginners and professional practitioners.

Priced at $60 Plus P&P



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