St Johns Shield massage & anointing oil blend calms  and soothes anxious, fearful and nervous states. Useful for sleep disturbances, and “nightmares” in sensitive children. Particularly useful for wounds and injuries involving peripheral nerve damage and for neuralgic conditions such as shingles, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome.

St Johns Shield combines flower essences of St Johns Wort, Love Lies Bleeding and Borage with essential oils of Angelica, Rose Geranium & St Johns Wort.

St Johns Shield is one of the exquisite six Massage and Anointing Oils in the FES Season of the Soul range which combine flower essences, pure essential oils and herbal flower infusions in a base of high quality oils. The blends are Demeter-certified and picked from Biodynamic organic gardens.

Available in 60 ml and 240 ml bottles

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