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  • Chill Out

    from $26.00

    Chill Out calms and soothes physical tension, stress and anxiety.

  • Esteem

    from $0.00

    Esteem instils a sense of self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Fabulously Feminine

    from $26.00

    Balances and stabilises the emotional ups and downs that may accompany hormonal changes.

  • Fear Less - Flourish Formula


    Fear-Less Combines flower essences to provide composure and containment when challenged by fear, anxiety or panic

  • FES Flower Essence Repertory


    FES Flower Essence Repertory of 103 Quintessential FES Flower essences and 38 English essences listed in alphabetical order with categories and cross references to assist essence selection

  • Focus

    from $26.00

    Enhances and sustains memory retention, mental clarity and concentration

  • Focus for Pets


    Focus flower essence blend for pets, helpful for training and teaching pets.

  • Joy of Life

    from $26.00

    Joy of Life - Lift spirits, boost enthusiasm exciting that 'Joie de Vivre' feeling

  • Light Heart

    from $26.00

    Light Heart Flower essence blend, eases sadness and grief

  • Light Heart for Pets


    Light Heart flower essence blend for pets experiencing separation anxiety, pining and grief.

  • Magenta Self-Healer


    Magenta Self-Healer encourages self healing potential and stimulates physical vitality

  • Personalised Flower Essence Blend

    from $28.00

    Personalised flower essence combination, made to order

  • Post-Trauma Stabiliser


    Post-Trauma Stabiliser Flourish Formula soothes and stabilises after trauma and shock

  • S.O.S

    from $26.00

    S.O.S. flower essence blend calms & stabilises in times of stress and emergencies

  • S.O.S. for Cats & Kittens


    S.O.S. flower essence blend for Cats & Kittens to calm and soothe in emergencies and stress.

  • Speak Out

    from $26.00

    Speak Out flower essence blend promotes confidence in speech and self expression

  • Stay Strong


  • Sweet Dreams

    from $26.00

    Sweet Dreams calms and soothes disturbed sleep patterns

  • Willpower

    from $26.00

    Willpower flower essence blend strengthens resolve and determination

  • Yarrow Environmental Solution


    YES combines Arnica, Echinacea, Pink, White & Golden Yarrow in herbal tincture and flower essence form with Celtic Salt to create a powerful tonic and immune strengthening blend.

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