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  • S.O.S. for Cats & Kittens


    S.O.S. flower essence blend for Cats & Kittens to calm and soothe in emergencies and stress.

  • Self-Heal Cream

    from $33.15

    Self-Heal Cream a soothing nourishing healing cream.

  • Speak Out


    Save 20% — 26%

    Speak Out flower essence blend promotes confidence in speech and self expression

  • St Johns Shield


    St Johns Shield combines flower essences, pure essential oils and herbal flower infusions in a base of high quality oils. The blends are Demeter-certified and picked from Biodynamic organic gardens. or pristine wild.

  • Stay Strong


  • Study Gift Pack


    Silver Gift Pack of 3 flower essence blends to enhance and sustain study, mental and creative work

  • Sweet Dreams

    from $21.25

    Sweet Dreams calms and soothes disturbed sleep patterns

  • Willpower

    from $21.25

    Willpower flower essence blend strengthens resolve and determination

  • Yarrow Environmental Solution


    YES combines Arnica, Echinacea, Pink, White & Golden Yarrow in herbal tincture and flower essence form with Celtic Salt to create a powerful tonic and immune strengthening blend.