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The books listed below are on sale and can be added to your existing editions if you do not have them in your library
Rajan Sankaran’s Vintage Bookset
(Comes with Professional 2.0 and Visionary 2.0 libraries)
Available now at $205  (Was $263)

Sankaran’s Bowel Nosodes
Sankaran’s Nosode Notes
Sankaran’s Provings
Sankaran’s Random Notes
Sankaran’s Sensation
Sankaran’s Soul of Remedies
Sankaran’s Spirit of Homeopathy
Sankaran’s Substance

Rajan Sankaran’s New 2018 Bookset
Included in Visionary 2.0 library Now  $285 was $353

Sankaran’s Molluscs
Sankaran’s Plants 3
Sankaran’s Refined Sensations
Sankaran’s Reptiles 1 & 2
Sankaran’s Structure
Plants Extra

Mahesh Gandhi’s Evolution Model: 
The Foundation Book $100 now $90
Gandhi lays out the maps, he uses to find his way through a maze of symptoms. He calls his system the Personal Evolution Model whereby he sees illness, whether physical or mental, does not strike randomly, but corresponds to “stuckness” at a certain developmental level. Illness has a message we are often loathe to hear. If we listen well and act accordingly, this information can help us overcome inner obstacles,  improving our inner development and physical well-being.
TBR2 2nd Edition, by George Dimitriadis
Price $325 NOW $260
The Boeninghausen Repertory has long been considered the most faithful index of Hahnemann’s provings, constructed from the symptoms contained in his Materia Medica Pura and Chronic Diseases. It won Hahnemann’s stamp of approval.
The repertory has been brought to even greater heights by one of the modern day masters, George Dimitriadis. He went back to original materials and painstakingly annotated many of the rubrics so that homeopaths can read the source references for themselves.
Richard Pitcairn & Wendy Jensen’s
New World Veterinary Repertory  Price $295 NOW $195
This repertory—the first of its type—has been carefully constructed to be of special use to veterinarians. The most useful rubrics related to animal conditions were enhanced, while the non-applicable ones (related to things such as dreams, which require verbalization) were edited out. Special emphasis was given to cross referencing, to make rubric comparisons much easier.
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