Homeopathy to strengthen general health and wellbeing and strengthen vitality


Our approach to health, consultation services and treatment is based on and guided by our reverence for homeopathy. As a holistic, natural and traditionally based health care system, it guides the nature of services we choose to offer. As such we offer homeopathic consultations to address health issues, stimulate and strengthen vitality and general health and well being.

Being holistic, the role and importance of our mind, emotions, social and spiritual health to our physical health is recognised. As such, providing emotional support and strength is essential to overcoming health issues and strengthening general health and wellbeing.

We also offer personalised flower essence blends when extra support is needed to help overcome difficult times, trauma or stress. They provide extra ongoing support and stimulate and strengthen vitality and wellbeing. Or our small range of flower essence blends can help the simple and general day to day stresses of life.

Homeopathic health consultations

A well selected homeopathic remedy promotes healing and speeds recovery in a wide variety of health issues: From first aid, sporting injuries, acute complaints through to deep chronic ailments. Homeopathic treatment is profound in its ability to stimulate and strengthen vitality and general health and well being.

Personalised flower essence blend and consultation

A Flower essence consultation:

Provides the opportunity to have your own personalised flower essence blend made to match your situation and needs. This is the ultimate way to use flower essences and help you overcome whatever stress, trauma or difficulty you face. For more information go to:

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Consultations are offered by phone, various online applications or in our clinic

well & truly flower essence blends

We have a small range of flower essence blends designed to provide easy access to flower essences. With this in mind, the focus of the range is to help manage some of the simple but challenging stresses of daily life. They are safe and effective and work wonderfully for infants through to our elderly. We also have a small range to help pets:

Flower Essences           Blends for You   Blends for Pets

Our classically trained NZCH registered homeopaths, Den Illing and Tracey Bonnington have both been in professional practice for over 24 years.  For  more information please go to:

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We consult from the Triune Health Centre in Herne Bay, Auckland. Our wonderful and diverse team of qualified health care practitioners provide a great referral network. Health services offered at Triune Health Centre include: Acupuncture, Celebrancy, Counselling, Fertility support, Flower Essences, Homeopathy Massage Therapy, Naturopathy, Nutrition, Osteopathy, Podiatry, Reiki and Yoga therapy

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