Be well & truly healthy and happy

with Homeopathy and Flower Essences


well & truly healthy and happy with homeopathy and flower essences


We aim to be and offer services to help you be, well & truly healthy and happy. Consultations for your health and well being with either or both, homeopathy and flower essences. Homeopathy – to overcome health issues, strengthen vitality and maintain great health.

Flower essencesas personalised blends to match your personal needs to support you with any difficult, challenging or traumatic times you want to overcome.

Or well & truly flower essence blends, created to provide easy access to flower essences to help manage the simple and general day to day stressful times of daily life. They are safe and effective for the whole family, from infants to our elderly and our pets. For more information go to:

Flower Essences     Blends for You   Blends for Pets

We recently celebrated our  21st year since launching the Well & Truly flower essence blends.  The global pandemic and crisis situation followed very soon after and we felt compelled to create Calm + Connected the first new flower essence blend in our range in 21 years. Calm + Connected support in our changing world

Calm + Connected flower essences to help recover from the disruption of the last few months, adapting to the changes in our world and strengthen as we create a new focus for ourselves and our world. To change and create a better and more balanced future for all.

For more info go to Calm + Connected

Calm + Connected special price $21  until the 30th May

WELL & TRULY HEALTHY AND HAPPY We are a team of two, Den Illing and Tracey Bonnington. We offer homeopathy and flower essences with health consultations for improved health and wellbeing. Homeopathy is our primary focus however, we both have additional speciality services we offer. For  more information about us, how we work and the services we offer to help be well & truly healthy and happy, go to About Us

We are part of the  Triune Health Centre in Herne Bay, Auckland. We have a fabulous team of qualified health care practitioners and together we and our clients have a great support and referral network. Health services offered at Triune Health Centre include Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Fertility support, Homeopathy and Flower Essences, Birth Doula support, Podiatry, Naturopathy, Massage, Reiki and Yoga therapy

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