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About flower essences

About flower essences – more information about what they are, how they work and how flower essences help support our mood and our emotions in times of stress. They strengthen and balance our mental, emotional and spiritual health.

What are flower essences?

Infusions made from the flowers picked at the peak of their bloom and solarised in distilled water. They are taken orally either as drops or spray, making them easy to administer to children. Flower essences are safe and effective for the whole family from infants to the elderly to your pets.

How do flower essences help?                                                     

They have a dynamic impact on our mood and emotions stimulating a response in our thoughts. Change occurs on many levels;

  • how we see ourselves
  • how we interpret what is happening around us and
  • how we see the wider world.     

This enables us to see new opportunities and possibilities, thus creating a sense of empowerment and inner strength.  

Personalised blends                                                      

The true power and potential of flower essences lie in their ability to help us with life-changing and distressing events. The level of deep healing a personalised flower essence blend can excite is truly profound.  This is only possible through a consultation, available by phone, various online applications or in our clinic.

Please go to Consultations for more information

Well and Truly Flower Essence blends                              

Our Well and Truly range was made to help manage some of the simple day to day stresses life brings.  The blends give people easy access to the power and benefits of flower essences and because the blends focus on situational stresses, changes occur quickly.

Calm + Connected Change  Chill Out  Esteem 
Fabulously Feminine  Focus  Joy of Life  Light Heart 
 S.O.S  Speak Out  Sweet Dreams  Willpower

     And we have our Pet range Blends for Pets

We are very appreciative of the Flower Essence Society (FES)  for the wonderful work they have done and continue to do in their ongoing research, development and global support with flower essences.  The Flower Essence Society is a wonderful co-operative of global practitioners who for over forty years have continued Dr Edward Bach’s work extending the research and development of flower essences. Their flower essences are of the highest quality, tried tested and true for decades and the results speak for themselves when using the FES and Bach/English flower essences. If you would like to read more about their work  go to Flower Essence Society

There is more  in-depth information about flower essences and their history  for your interest  go to More about Flower Essences

Please feel free to  contact us if you have any queries

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