Flower essences work wonderfully with animals.  Our Pet Range has five blends to help pets manage stress in various situations.

Our Pet Blends are:

Kitten and dog pet range to manage stress of pets

SOS for Cats & kittens

SOS for Dogs & puppies

Light Heart


Stay Strong 


SOS for Cats & Kittens &  SOS for Dogs & Puppies, are our two ’emergency blends’ to help pets manage stress and to calm and soothe in panic, shock and emergency situations.

Use SOS when:

Settling frightened pets when travelling

Visits to the Vet, Guy Fawkes, thunderstorms, lightning if they frighten easily – any shock and stressful times

Moving to a new home, any situation that causes  anxiety, fright or shock  

SOS for Pets to overcome and settle  in shock and emergency situationsSOS FOR CATS & KITTENS and SOS FOR DOGS & PUPPIES contain the same four English essences Aspen, Beech, Cherry Plum & Star of Bethlehem.  Each blend has two extra essences that are specific to the nature of the animal’s stress response.

SOS for Cats & Kittens includes the North American FES flower essences Chamomile & Dill. 

SOS for Dogs & Puppies includes the North American FES essences Pink Yarrow and Red Clover

LIGHT HEART Helps pets with separation anxiety, pining and grief

Light Heart for pets to overcome pining and sadnessUse when:

  • Young animals have to leave their mother and siblings
  • moving to a new home
  • For mothers losing their litters.
  • When families go away on holidays and the pets are cared for by others
  • Changes in their family and home dynamics that cause them stress.
  • Some pets pine during the day when family is away at work and school.

Light Heart combines the English flower essences  Chicory, Star of Bethlehem, Wild Rose plus the North American FES flower essences Borage, Bleeding Heart and Self Heal.

FOCUS is useful for training and teaching pets

Pet Focus to settle excited, young pets useful for training situationsFocus settles excitable, easily distracted pets.

Focus is a great settler   to help pets focus better and respond to commands when being trained to follow commands and adapt to behaviour training. 

Focus combines the FES flower essences Lavender, Madia, Corn & Cosmos and the English flower essences Clematis and Chestnut Bud

STAY STRONG helps animals overcome fear and timidity

Use when animals are experiencing bullying and territorial aggression. Stay Strong helps them overcome their fear and timidity when faced with a more dominant or aggressive animal. This is not uncommon when pets move to a new location. It is part of the re-establishing of territorial boundaries.

Pets Stay Strong to overcome timidity and bullyingWhat often happens within our urban animal world:

Once fear is dispelled in one animal, the power play seems to shift and both animals will often adapt to each other quite readily and settle into the new dynamics within their immediate environment. Whether that be within the home or the wider neighbourhood.

Stay Strong has proven very effective for many animals. Cats particularly seem to be affected in the city/urban environment with territorial/bullying problems. Stay Strong helps balance both the timid fearful pet and the dominant/aggressor in balancing the power play and peace seems to reign within a reasonably short time. 

Stay Strong combines the English flower essences Aspen Centaury, Mimulus and Violet and the North American FES flower essence Yarrow.

The Flower Essence Society provides a wealth of quality information and research studies on flower essences. Their ongoing humanitarian aid and support in times of crisis reflects their true focus and integrity, to see more of the wonderful work they do go to Flower Essence Society

If interested in using or learning how to select flower essences the  Flower Essence Repertory  is a wonderful tool to assist flower essence selection for both practitioners and home users.


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