FES Flower Essence kit


The FES  flower essence  profiles are listed with their key focus as:

Positive qualities;  + What they strengthen and stimulate within our thinking patterns

—  Patterns of Imbalance;  What we are struggling with and wish to address 

The  ‘flower essence profile’ is useful when selecting essences to help with various emotional difficulties. A full in-depth description of each flower essence profile can be found in the FES Flower Essence Repertory  

The FES stock flower essences are available in 7.5 ml bottles. The  flower essence descriptions below also list any well & truly blend in italics the essence is contained in.

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The information below on each of the FES Flower essence profiles is provided by the  FES Flower Essence Repertory and  presented with kind permission from Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz, the authors. 

If you are interested in learning more we  recommend you visit The Flower Essence Society webpage  flowersociety.org  The Flower Society welcomes members and has  an international membership of health practitioners, researchers and students interested in developing knowledge of flower essence therapy.

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ALOE VERA  + Promotes abundant creative activity and energy – Imbalance – Feeling burnt out, exhausted, for workaholic type of behaviour

ALPINE LILY + Helps accept one’s femininity – Imbalance – For aversion and rejection of the female aspect of the body  processes Esteem

ANGELICA + Feeling protected and supported spiritually especially in times such as birth and death – Imbalance – Feeling cut off, bereft of support and protection Light Heart

ANGEL’S TRUMPET + Surrender, open heart in deep transformation times, death – Imbalance – Fear of death,  letting go of life, denial of the spiritual world

ARNICA + Recovery from deep shock or trauma – Imbalance – Disconnection of higher self from body during shock or trauma, disassociation

BABY BLUE EYES + Feeling at home and at ease with oneself, supported and loved – Imbalance – Defensiveness, insecurity, mistrust of others

BASIL + Bringing sexuality and spirituality together wholeness – Imbalance – Separation of sexuality and spirituality, may lead to sexual addiction

BLACKBERRY + Clear intention, decisive will and action – Imbalance – Inability to manifest and action goals and ideals

BLACK COHOSH + Courage to confront rather than retreat from abusive or threatening situations – Imbalance – Being caught in abusive, addictive, relationships,  dark, brooding emotions

BLACK EYED SUSAN + Awake conscious self awareness  penetrating insight – Imbalance – Avoidance or repression of painful aspects of the personality

BLEEDING HEART  + Ability to love others unconditionally – Imbalance – Emotional co-dependence, forming relationships based on fear, possessiveness; 

BORAGE + Buoyant courage and optimism – Imbalance – Heavy-heartedness, lacking confidence in difficult circumstances Light Heart

BUTTERCUP + Radiant inner light, self esteem – Imbalance – Feelings of low self-worth, inability to acknowledge  one’s uniqueness Esteem

CALENDULA + Mindful expression when speaking  with others – Imbalance – Argumentative, harsh speech, lack of receptivity in communication with others Speak Out

CALIFORNIA PITCHER PLANT + Uniting physical and instinctive aspects of body with mind and soul – Imbalance – Feeling listless, anaemic, disassociated, fearful of instincts, poor digestion, assimiliation

CALIFORNIA POPPY + Heart centred  spirituality, balancing inner center of knowing – Imbalance – Seeking glamour, thrills, escapism  Change

CALIFORNIA WILD ROSE + Enthusiasm for life, community being involved – Imbalance – Apathy or resignation, inability to bring will into the heart Willpower

CALLA LILY + Clarity about sexual identity, sexual self-acceptance – Imbalance – Confusion ambivalence about sexual identity or gender

CANYON DUDLEYA  + Balanced psychic and physical energy, groundedness – Imbalance – Overinflated expression of self, addicted to drama

CAYENNE + Fiery, activating change and transformation – Imbalance – Stagnation, unable to move forward toward  Change

CHAMOMILE + Serene sunny disposition, emotional balance – Imbalance – Easily upset, moody and irritable, inability to release emotional tension Sweet Dreams Chill Out

CHAPARRAL  + Deep understanding of psychic and personal awareness – Imbalance – Psychic and physical toxicity, disturbed dreams; chaotic inner life, drug addiction

CHRYSANTHEMUM  + Becoming aware and transforming our personality identity to a higher spiritual identity – Imbalance – Fear of aging and mortality, mid-life crisis

CORN  + Grounded presence, strong in centre and self – Imbalance –Disoriented and stressed in urban and busy environments

COSMOS + Expression of ideas in speech clearly – Imbalance – Unfocused communication, overexcited speech, overwhelmed by too many ideas Focus

DANDELION  + Dynamic, energy, lively balanced activity – Imbalance – Overly tense, especially in muscularly, tends to over-strive, over-work  Chill Out

DEERBRUSH + Sincere motives and clarity of purpose – Imbalance – Mixed or conflicting motives and expression, polite responses not genuine feelings

DILL + Ability to experience all senses touch, smell, taste, sound fully – Imbalance – Easily overwhelmed due to overstimulation, hypersensitive to environment and busy activity Sweet Dreams

DOGWOOD  + Grace of body harmonious energy – Imbalance – Awkwardness and painful awareness of the body and past emotional trauma

EASTER LILY  + Harmonising and integrating sexuality and spirituality – Imbalance – Conflicting sexual values, feeling sexuality is impure, unclean

ECHINACEA + Strengthened core and sense of Self, especially when severely challenged – Imbalance –  Shattered by severe trauma or abuse, destruction of one’s sense of Self

EVENING PRIMROSE + Healing painful early emotions absorbed from the mother; ability to open emotionally and form deep, committed relationships – Imbalance – Feeling rejected, unwanted; avoidance of commitment in relationships

FAIRY LANTERN + Acceptance of adult responsibilities, maturing – Imbalance – Immaturity, helplessness, neediness, childish dependency; unable to take responsibility

FAWN LILY + Accepting and becoming involved sharing self  with others –  Imbalance – Withdrawal, isolation,  overly delicate, lacking inner strength to face the world

FILAREE + Balanced overview and perspective of daily life events –  Imbalance – Obsessive worry, unable to gain a wider perspective on daily events

FORGET-ME-NOT  + Awareness of karmic connections in one’s personal relationships and with those in the spirit world – Imbalance – Loneliness, isolation; lack of awareness of spiritual connection with others Light Heart

FUCHSIA  + Assists genuine expression of feelings -Imbalance + Masking of emotions and feelings to cover deep pain and trauma; psychosomatic symptoms

GARLIC + Building strength and resilience – Imbalance – lacking vitality, weakness easily influenced  Speak Out

GOLDEN EAR DROPS  + Release of painful past memories – Imbalance – Suppression of traumatic events from childhood, that continue to affect present emotional balance

GOLDEN YARROW + Remaining open to others while maintaining inner balance – Imbalance – For people overly influenced by their environment and others, withdrawing to protect vulnerability

GOLDENROD + Well-developed sense of self in balance with others                – Imbalance – Easily influenced by group or family ties, unable to be true to oneself, submiting to peer pressure Speak Out

HIBISCUS + Warmth and responsiveness in female sexuality – Imbalance – Inability to connect with one’s female sexuality, often due to prior abuse

HOUND’S TONGUE  Holistic thinking; perceiving the physical world and life with spiritual clarity – Imbalance –  Seeing the world from complete materialistic view,  overly analytical viewpoint, dull, heaviness in body Chill Out 

INDIAN PAINTBRUSH + Lively, energetic artistic creativity, – Imbalance – Low vitality and exhaustion, inability to bring creative forces into physical expression Focus

INDIAN PINK  + Remaining centered and focused, under stress, managing many  forms of activity Imbalance – Psychic forces which are easily torn or shattered, inability to stay centred during intense activity Focus

IRIS + Inspired artistry, in touch with higher realms, radiant vision and perspective – Imbalance – Lacking inspiration or creativity; feeling weighed down by the ordinariness of the world; dullness

LADY’S SLIPPER  + Bringing spiritual focus into daily work and sexuality – Imbalance – LIfe purpose and direction not aligned with outer activity, nervous exhaustion, sexual depletion

LARKSPUR + Charismatic leadership, contagious enthusiasm, joyful service; Imbalance – Leadership distorted by ideas self grandeur or heavy sense of duty.

LAVENDER + Sensitivity, overtuned awareness; Imbalance – Nervousness, overstimulation depleting the physical body Chill Out  Sweet Dreams

LOTUS + Open, expansive spirituality, meditative insight; Imbalance – Inflated  sense of self, out of touch with ordinary personality, humbleness

LOVE-LIES-BLEEDING  + Able to move beyond personal pain, sanguish by finding larger meaning in suffering; Imbalance – Intense pain and suffering due to isolation; profound melancholia Light Heart

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