The FES Flower Essence Repertory is a wonderful guide and workbook that simplifies flower essence selection. There is in depth information about each flower essence and also how best to use  flower essences. The flower essences included are 103 FES Quintessential range and the 38 Bach/English flower essences.

Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz are the authors of the FES Repertory and also Co-founders of the Flower Essence Society, (FES) a non-profit educational and research organisation. FES supports flower essence use globally and provide wonderful humanitarian support in times of crisis and catastrophe. They donate generously  in times of great need. 

Visit for more information or to join as a member and become one of the many health practitioners and researchers developing flower essence therapy.

Flower essence Repertory assist essence selection

The FES Repertory: A workbook to simplify flower essence selection

Part 1: Introduction: 

  • Provides information about flower essences and how to use.
  • How to identify the main issues when selecting flower essences.
  • Information on how to use the Repertory.

Part II: Selection Guide:

Lists a variety of emotions and issues, listing the essences relevant to each. A brief description follows of how the essence relates to, and assists the specific issue.  

Part III: Flower Essence Qualities and Portraits:

An in-depth overview of the qualities of each essence is listed, their essence  profile and  description.

Each essence description begins with brief keynotes of the ‘positive qualities’ the essence excites and the ‘patterns of imbalance’ it addresses.

Cross-references  of other categories the essence is useful for are listed. This helps give a broader understanding of the depth and range of emotions the essence may be used for.

Finally there is an in-depth description of the themes of each essence completing the ‘personality profile’ of the flower essence.

This user-friendly book is an absolute treasure and useful for anyone selecting flower essences for emotional health and wellbeing. A great tool for home and practitioner use.

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FES Flower Essence Repertory

FES Flower Essence Repertory lists the 103 North American FES Flower essences and 38 Bach/English essences. The repertory has a paperback cover with spine binding.


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Flower Essence Repertory

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