Fear-Less, Grief Relief, Illumine, Magenta Self-Healer and Post-Trauma Stabilizer


* Instils composure and containment when challenged by fear, anxiety or panic

* For use during any natural disaster or personal calamity. Works well in tandem or alternation with Five-Flower Formula or SOS during the most intense and immediate episodes of panic and chaos. To deal with residual stress and ongoing symptoms, use Post-Trauma Stabilizer

* A beneficial remedy for those with a constitutional tendency toward fear, panic, anxiety, restless agitation or disturbed sleep accompanied by anxiety

* An excellent remedy for children who are confronting new performance-based challenges in school or community       

Fear Less - Flourish Formula

Fear-Less Combines flower essences to provide composure and containment when challenged by fear, anxiety or panic


Flourish FES Flower formula:


* To assist in re-building the soul’s foundations due to the death of a beloved one – whether human or animal

* To help in the dissolution of any meaningful relationship, such as divorce or dislocation

* During any natural disaster punctuated by death, destruction and loss, both for relief workers and for victims

* During times of personal loss or set-back when the soul feels empty and is searching for new direction or meaning 


* A combination of essences to transform  states of discouragement and depression

* For any life crisis or loss, resulting in prolonged despondency and lacking of a positive outlook toward the future

* For Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or any disturbance in emotional well-being, sleep or eating, related to changes in light and warmth

* For pronounced tendencies within the family history and immediate family

* Beneficial for animals who may live around depressive caretakers or similar joyless environments; or exhibit signs of seasonal despondencyy toward depression and despondency;  Illumine promotes a proactive outlook in transforming  the predisposition for depression

* For depression following any health crisis such as post-partum depression, drug rehabilitation or major surgery; alternate with Magenta Self-Healer


To encourage Self healing potential and physical vitality

* A foundational remedy in any wellness program; helping one move toward a deeper level of health


* For recovery from any major illness or surgery, to access deeper reserves of self-healing capacity

* When healing progress for any trauma or illness seems stagnant; 

* For deeper insight into any illness or trauma, moving beyond materialistic causes to deep

* To help children bolster immune forces during key developmental stages, growth curves or typical childhood illnesseser realizationng to boost immune forces by stimulating greater body-soul integration

* For animals who need to access sustained healing forces during illness or after surgery or other trauma 

Magenta Self-Healer

Magenta Self-Healer encourages self healing potential and stimulates physical vitality


30 ml spray top




* For loss or disruption of any kind that creates bewilderment, numbness or shock in the body-soul complex – including amputation or debilitating injury within the physical body; loss or disruption to one’s home, community or environment

* For relief work in any natural disaster or war zone – to address prolonged levels of shock and trauma and to help victims re-build and renew; beneficial for both humans and animals

* Following any major surgery and during any sustained course of physical rehabilitation

* Following the loss of a loved one or pet, if symptoms of shock or disassociation persist; can be used in tandem or in alternation with Grief Relief


* As a supplement to drug rehabilitation, when the soul faces shattering memories or acknowledges what has been lost or damaged in one’s life

* For re-occurring violent dreams and memories of past trauma, which intrude long after other forms of healing have brought physical stabilization

For more information about the Flower Essence Society and their essences check their website www.flowersociety.org



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