Esteem flower essence blend to boost self-esteem, confidence  

Why use Esteem?

Boost confidence and self-esteem by inspiring positive feelings of self-worth, care and appreciation. When we feel self-esteem, we reflect a more vibrant presence and have inner strength and confidence to face and manage challenges with a balanced and positive outlook.  

These days there is a huge pressure for people to present themselves in a certain way.  To ‘look and be a certain way’, ‘have certain clothes, cars, or brand’ to be accepted or somehow feel and be ok. This adds pressure particularly if there is already a lack of confidence in our personal body shape, style or interests.

To help maintain a sense of self-confidence and self-appreciation of our unique personal differences, Esteem flower essence blend helps boost confidence and self-esteem in this image-focused world.

Boost confidence and self-esteem

  • Promote positive thoughts of self and body image
  • Accept, appreciate and feel kind and loving of ourselves, for who we are and how we look
  • Promote thoughts that support and strengthen us such as  ‘I am fabulous as I am’
  • When our self-esteem, self-respect and confidence is strong, positive thoughts and feelings increase. We are more attractive, we become more resilient and attract positive appealing situations and people into our lives.

How do flower essences help?

How we experience life from moment to moment and day to day is largely determined by our thoughts and how we view the world.

When we use flower essences our thoughts shift, and change occurs on many levels;  How we see ourselves, how we interpret what is happening around us and how we see the wider world.

A well-selected combination of Flower essences helps us see more clearly what is happening, access our inner strength and instincts; effectively enabling us to be the best we can be in any given situation.

The flower essences in our Esteem blend: 

Esteem combines the FES flower essences  Alpine Lily, Buttercup, Columbine, Pretty Face and Sunflower and the English essences Cerato and Crab Apple.  They are listed with their specific focus in Esteem to boost confidence and self-esteem. Any of the flower essences that are in another of our blends have that blend title listed in italics at the end of the essence description

Buttercup: Helps us realise our full potential when we lack self-esteem. It helps overcome self-critical and doubting thoughts. 

Cerato: Helps us trust our instincts and intuition. We can make decisions more easily having confidence in who we are and what we think and feel

Columbine: Excites radiance and vibrant expression in speaking and actions. 

Crab Apple: Focusing on inner flaws, obsessing on body imperfections. Dispels fear and inspires positive feelings and thoughts of self.

Pretty Face: Striving to be a certain image or look. Feeling inadequate and unhappy with body shape and image. Pretty Face helps appreciate and value that there is more than just physical appearances.

Sunflower: Inspires a bright and sunny outlook, boosts self-confidence and self-acceptance. Speak Out

For more information on flower essences:

Go to our About Flower Essences page.

Flower essences have ‘a personality profile’ of various themes and strengths reflecting how they can help us and what we might seek from them. If you are interested in more information on each of the flower essences, the FES Flower Essence Repertory is a wonderful tool and workbook for flower essence selection.

For more information about flower essences, their use and global research projects,  go to  flower essences

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