Fabulously Feminine balance soothe intense emotions

Fabulously Feminine to help calm intense emotions

Our Fabulously Feminine flower essence blend helps balance and soothe intense emotions that may accompany hormonal changes. By calming the emotional ups and downs, Fabulously Feminine makes managing hormonal times easier. Feelings of being ‘out of control’ and oversensitive lessen and a sense of normality returns. 

Balance soothe intense emotions in times of:

  • Pre-menarche –  often brings sudden and huge emotional mood swings completely out of character and difficult to understand
  • Premenstrual tension – can be overwhelming, a range of intense feelings and emotions
  • Birth control medication – can intensify and change moods and emotional sensitivity
  • Pregnancy, birth through to breastfeeding – emotions and moods may fluctuate for some right through until after the baby is weaned
  • Menopause –  from before, throughout until some time later can be a challenge for many

How do flower essences help?

Our life experience is influenced by our thoughts and our thoughts trigger our emotions. Flower essences impact our thoughts and as such, provide a tool to help manage stress and challenging emotional times. As our thoughts change, so do our emotions and we will often see ourself and our life situation in a different light. This can also impact the nature of the different circumstances and events we attract to us in life. 

Flower essences in Fabulously Feminine are listed below:

FES Flower essences are:  Alpine Lily, Mugwort, Pink Yarrow, Tiger Lily  & Scarlet Fritillary, The English/Bach essences are: Beech and Cherry Plum. Any of the flower essences  also in another of our blends have the blends name listed at the end of the essence description

Alpine Lily: Inspires positive feelings and appreciation for their femininity  in women and girls

Beech:  Helps us realise our own shortcomings and in so doing become more tolerant of others

Cherry Plum: Reduces extreme stress and helps us when we feel desperate and about to lose control of ourselves. S.O.S.

Mugwort: Helps us balance emotions when feeling easily irrational and hysterical out of touch with our practical day to day life.

Pink Yarrow:  Helps us separate from our emotions and worry less about them. It also helps us when we are easily caught up in other people’s emotions.

Scarlet Fritillary:  Balances our Yin and Yang energy to help overcome exhaustion from depleted physical energy and vitality

Tiger Lily: Helps balance aggressive and competitive feelings with a more nurturing and co-operative way of being

For more information on flower essences:

Go to our About Flower Essences page.

Flower essences have ‘a personality profile’ of various themes and strengths reflecting how they can help us and what we might seek from them. If you are interested in more information on each of the flower essences, the FES Flower Essence Repertory is a wonderful tool and workbook for flower essence selection.

For more information on flower essences, their use and global research projects  go to  flower essences  flowersociety.org

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