Focus flower essence blend to sustain focus mental clarity

Focus flower essence blend helps stimulate focus,  sustain concentration. Useful when studying, being creative, planning or managing many different tasks at once and feeling scattered and distracted. Focus helps you concentrate, centre thoughts, intent and stay on task.

Sustain focus mental clarity:

  • Creativity – inspires for writing essays, assignments, planning, graphic designing and other creative projects, music, arts, landscaping
  • Organising and logical thinking – for planning strategies, sorting and keeping the bigger picture in mind
  • Studying – Focus helps to sustain focus mental clarity and concentration, enhances memory retention 
  • Teaching and presenting – Helps you  keep calm and keep your mind on the job at hand, and stay with the plan
  • Managing many different roles at once. Juggling time and activities – a common theme in today’s busy world. If we are tired or overcommitted in many areas, it can be difficult to focus and be organised. Focus flower essence blend helps us centre our mind and think clearly.
  • Starting school – many children find it difficult to adjust to the school routine. Simply sitting still in a classroom, looking and listening to the teacher is a big ask for some. Focus has a tremendous impact and has helped many children adjust and adapt to the classroom situation. Our boys especially can find it very difficult to adjust to the change of reduced physical activity and demand for stillness and mental focus.

How do flower essences help?

Our life experience is influenced by our thoughts and our thoughts trigger our emotions. Flower essences impact our thoughts and as such, provide a tool to help manage stress and challenging emotional times. As our thoughts change, so do our emotions and we will often see ourself and our life situation in a different light. This can also impact the nature of the different circumstances and events we attract to us in life. 

Information on the flower essences in Focus:

Each flower essence is listed below with their particular input in our Focus blend. Stimulate and sustain focus Any of the flower essences that are in another of our blends, has the blends title listed  in after the essence description

FOCUS flower essence blend combines the FES North American flower essences Cosmos, Indian Pink, Indian Paintbrush, Lemon, Madia, Nasturtium, Peppermint and Rabbitbrush and the English flower essence Clematis,

Clematis:  Daydreaming, unfocused, ‘spaced out’ thinking. Clematis strengthens our sense of what is ‘real’ and what is ‘imaginary or wishful’.

Cosmos:  Helps overcome disorganised communication. Brings thinking and speaking processes together. Useful when overwhelmed by too many ideas.

Indian Pink: Helps remain centred and focused, even under stress. Helps coordinate and manage many different activities. 

Indian paintbrush: Helps bring creativity into expression. When vitality to sustain the intensity of creative work wanes.

Lemon: Brings together thinking processes and creative imagination. Helpful when feeling fatigued mentally and when challenged with learning difficulties.

Madia: When feeling ‘scattered’ Madia helps focus our attention and prioritise on what needs to happen now! Useful when easily distracted.

Nasturtium: After prolonged intense intellectual work we can ‘burn out’ resulting in colds, and acute illness. Nasturtium boosts vitality and energy.

Peppermint: Stimulates mental alertness and clear thinking. Useful when feeling sluggish, dull and mentally lethargic.

Rabbitbrush: When easily overwhelmed by details, Rabbitbrush helps bring different threads together to create a ‘bigger picture’ overview.

For more information on flower essences:

Go to our About Flower Essences page.

Flower essences have ‘a personality profile’ of various themes and strengths reflecting how they can help us and what we might seek from them. If you are interested in more information on each of the flower essences, the FES Flower Essence Repertory is a wonderful tool and workbook for flower essence selection.

For more information on flower essences, their use and global research projects  go to  flower essences

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