Light Heart flower essences to manage ease sadness and grief

Light Heart helps overcome and ease sadness and grief

‘Light Heart’ helps overcome and ease sadness and grief. By using LIght Heart in time of loss an providing ongoing recovery and support to rebuild strength and resilience.

Integrating loss is an ebb and flow process that takes time.  Light Heart can be taken as needed to help soothe and ease the intense emotions arising from grief. Over time Light Heart helps support recovery and the ongoing rebuilding of strength and resilience.

The initial shock and intensity of losing a loved one, or relationship, will be helped with our S.O.S.  flower essence blend. ‘S.O.S.’ will  provide the best immediate shock response support, soothing and settling the often overwhelming’fright and flight’ response. Moving to Light Heart to help ease sadness and grief will provide ongoing support to manage, accept and adapt.

How do flower essences work and help?

How we experience life from moment to moment and day to day is largely determined by our thoughts and how we view the world.

When we use flower essences our thoughts shift and change occurs on many levels;  How we see ourselves, how we interpret what is happening around us and how we view the wider world. New possibilities and opportunities will often become apparent. Flower essences help us see more clearly what is happening and effectively access our inner strength and instincts.

Flower essences in our Light Heart flower essence blend

All flower essences have ‘a personality profile’   how they can help and what we might seek from them.   The flower essences in ‘Light Heart’ are listed below with how they each help overcome and ease sadness and grief. Light Heart combines the FES North American flower essences Borage, Forget me Not, Glassy Hyacinth, Love Lies Bleeding, Self Heal plus the English flower essences Honeysuckle and Star of Bethlehem. 

Borage: Gives us courage when feeling exhausted and drained by intense emotions, boosting a sense of optimism and light-heartedness.

Forget Me Not: instigates a sense of deep connection with loved ones past, enabling us to experience memories with a lighter heart.

Glassy Hyacinth:  Helps transform feelings of deep emotional suffering into acceptance and understanding. Thereby helping overcome profound sorrow and trauma

Honeysuckle: Helps us appreciate the past in a positive way and moving forward and focusing on the ‘here and now’.

Love Lies Bleeding: Helps come to terms with pain and broken heartedness enabling acceptance of grief, death and life purpose. 

Star of Bethlehem:  Soothes and relieves shock and trauma, both recent or  past and deep in the unconscious. Star of Bethlehem gives calms and consoles after trauma and loss.

For more information on flower essences

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Flower essences have ‘a personality profile’ of various themes and strengths reflecting how they can help us and what we might seek from them. If you are interested in more information on each of the flower essences, the FES Flower Essence Repertory is a wonderful tool and workbook for flower essence selection.

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