S.O.S. settle calm and stabilise in high stress times, soothe and overcome shock

S.O.S.  flower essence blend to settle calm and stabilise in times of panic, shock and crisis. A life-saver for high stress, crisis times and emergencies. S.O.S. soothes and overcomes shock and helps keep focused and calm when facing emergencies, throughout panic, crisis and times of ‘fright and flight’. 


  • Shock and panic when accidents happen
  • Intense physical or painful times – difficult childbirth, for both mother and baby, for baby especially if the birth was fast or traumatic. (Spray or drops can be gently smoothed onto baby’s temples and inner wrists)
  • Soothe and overcome shock  – of hearing bad news, sudden loss of a loved one or relationship, extreme fright  
  • Settle calm and stabilise in panic and emergency situations

S.O.S. in these situations provides almost immediate relief overcoming shock and stress. A ‘must-have’ for first aid kits and car glove boxes.

How do flower essences help?

How we experience life from moment to moment and day to day is largely determined by our thoughts and how we view the world.

When we use flower essences our thoughts shift, and change occurs on many levels;  How we see ourselves, how we interpret what is happening around us and how we see the wider world.

A well-selected combination of Flower essences helps us see more clearly what is happening, access our inner strength and instincts; effectively enabling us to be the best we can be in any given situation.

Flower essences in our S.O.S. flower essence blend

All flower essences have ‘a personality profile’   how they can help and what we might seek from them.   Flower essences are listed below with their focus to our ‘S.O.S.blend to Settle, calm and stabilise in times of panic and crisis

S.O.S. combines the FES North American flower essences Explorers Gentian and Red Clover  and Dr Bach’s famous Rescue Remedy combination Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Impatiens, Clematis, Rock Rose

Any of the flower essences also in another of our blends have the blends name listed at the end of the essence description.

Cherry Plum: Fear and feeling out of control, panicked overwhelmed, Cherry Plum stabilises and brings a sense of strength and being supported

Clematis: Dreamy, spaced-out, not present, Clematis helps connect to present time, grounding

Explorers Gentian:  Transforms feelings of loss and crisis into excitement for new opportunities Calm + Connected

Impatiens: Impatient, rushing, easily irritated cannot settle and accept  the present time

Red Clover: Easily swept into group panic, hysteria – provides a calm, steadiness especially in emergencies

Rock Rose: Deep panic, terror fear of death – brings inner peace and courage when facing great challenges

Star of Bethlehem: Relieves states of shock and trauma whether recent or deeply embedded in the unconscious. Gives consolation to those who have lost a loved one.    Calm + Connected    Light Heart

For more information:

Go to our About Flower Essences page.

Flower essences have ‘a personality profile’ of various themes and strengths reflecting how they can help us and what we might seek from them. If you are interested in more information on each of the flower essences, the FES Flower Essence Repertory is a wonderful tool and workbook for flower essence selection.

If you’d like more information on flower essences in general, or research and studies do go to the Flower Essence Society flowersociety.org

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