well & truly flower essence synergies providing easy access and support
Flower essences help overcome and manage many different stressful and challenging times. Our well & truly flower essence synergies provide easy access and support for some of the simple but challenging stresses of daily life. They are safe and effective for the whole family,  from infants to our elderly and also our pets Blends for Pets

Each synergy is listed below with a link to its page and info.

Our first new synergy in 21 years was released last year. Calm + Connected  providing  ‘support in our changing world’.

CALM + CONNECTED  provide strength and support through times of disruption and uncertainty to help prepare for change with a positive outlook.

CHANGE inspires and motivates the wish to improve and change lifestyle or behavioural patterns. Change also provides strength and support through times of transition and uncertainty.

CHILL OUT  Helps calm and soothe tension, stress and anxiety.  Use when managing ongoing high-stress situations, feeling on edge or agitated.

ESTEEM  Inspires self-confidence and self-acceptance. Esteem helps us appreciate and embrace our personal and unique differences boosting self-esteem. 

FABULOUSLY FEMININE  Helps balance and soothe the intense emotions that may accompany hormonal changes.

FOCUS   Helps stimulate mental clarity and concentration, provides wonderful support for studying, creativity, planning and managing the many aspects of busy day to day life.

JOY OF LIFE  Boosts enthusiasm and lifts spirits

LIGHT HEART   Provides strength and support, helping ease and survive the challenge of grief and sadness.

S.O.S.   Calms and stabilises in emergencies and stressful times

SPEAK OUT   Promotes confidence in speech and self-expression

SWEET DREAMS   Calms and soothes disturbed sleep patterns,  promoting sound peaceful sleep

WILLPOWER   Strengthens determination and willpower, sustains enthusiasm and motivation

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