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My interest in health was led by my desire to become healthy and well. Homeopathy has played a key role in my health care through dramatic health situations and life events. My personal experience and health recovery with this unique health care system inspired me to learn and undertake formal study.

Homeopathy is the foundation of both my personal and professional health care practice and management. Homeopathy can improve health and wellbeing, speed recovery and healing and wonderfully supports and compliments other therapeutic, medical procedures.

Flower essences also offer great emotional support and be a catalyst for change. Both homeopathy and flower essences can each play a unique role in healing and health recovery.  They support, strengthen and speed health recovery and are wonderfully complimentary to other therapeutic health care systems.

Both Homeopathy and flower essences are two different modalities but for many once you experience the results personally whether it be a well selected homeopathic remedy or a well matched flower essence combination the outcome is often profound and unquestionable.

I like to encourage and empower my clients should they wish to utilise and learn more about homeopathy or flower essences for their home help health care. They are both safe, effective healthcare management and support systems.

 My interest in health….

I became interested in health after  ongoing health issues through childhood. In my teens I tried many different therapeutic systems, food combinations and diets. This led to me wanting to know more about the nutritional and therapeutic aspects of food, plants and herbs. I’ve always enjoyed food and have great appreciation for good quality fresh food. Likely influenced by living in variious remote and rural areas, where gardening, growing and preparing food is part of daily life.

well & truly –  the progression…

My introduction to homeopathy was with my children. The results seen were initially with teething, then various accidents and  first aid situations that were also impressive. Later in life after homeopathy helped me immensely with a long term health issue, I was to learn more and begin formal study of homeopathy.

I trained with the Bay of Plenty College of Homeopathy (now CNHH) and graduated in 1997. The following year saw the creation of well & truly. Initially intended as a homeopathic health clinic however we opened also as a small retail outlet.

Soon after opening well & truly it became clear flower essences were being sought by our clientele. We had regular requests for ready-made flower essence blends which inspired the creation of our range of flower essence blends   They continue to be popular giving easy access to essences for support in simple but stressful day to day situations. However running a store was very time consuming and we closed a few years later.

The inspiration for well & truly was always to have our well & truly homeopathic health focus and space. I love working with children and families and became part of The Kids Clinic which later became part of well & truly. .

Den today…

I am a registered homeopath with the NZ Council of Homeopaths NZCH our national professional homeopathic registration body. Homeopathy continues to develop and advance on it’s 200 year plus history. As such ongoing learning never ceases, exciting interest and enthusiasm within the professional homeopathic community.

I feel privileged to work with people of all ages and backgrounds and love to see the results that can be achieved. Homeopathy stimulates a unique process of healing and health recovery. I do my utmost to ensure we get the best results we can. You are very welcome to contact me if you would like to discuss your health needs or have any queries before making an appointment. I’d be pleased to speak with you.

Phone: +64 9 366 6089     +64 21 059 5025    Or Email: [email protected]