calm and connected flower essence blend support in our changing world

Calm + Connected support in our changing world

Calm + Connected – Support in our Changing World is the first new flower essence blend for our range in 21 years. This new blend was created in response to our sudden and current global situation, 

Calm + Connected combines flower essences to help strengthen and support in our changing world. Each of us will face different challenges depending on our personal situation adapting to the changes that have impacted us all.

Calm + Connected to support:-

  • Soothe and settle the impact of  disruption
  • Overcome fear and worry for others, help us feel positive and calm when under stress
  • Rally our inner strength and inspire us to be the best we can be
  • Strengthen self-confidence, courage and resilience
  • Inspire hope and positivity for the future          
  • Strengthen connection with family and community
  • Ground and stabilise, when feeling stressed and help us focus our thoughts on practical tasks. This helps diffuse anxiety about the future and be present in the moment
  • Appreciate what we have and where we are. Millions of people are in dire times. Although many of us have had a really difficult time, we are well supported.  
  • Look forward with a positive open mind and heart –to see the new opportunities and give space for creativity
  • Increase vitality and inspire creative thinking

The combination of flower essences in Calm + Connected aims to provide strength and support to help us be the best we can be in times of disruption and change. 

Our first new blend in 21 years!

Special price of $21 until 30th May for Calm + Connected

The flower essences  in Calm + Connected

Each essence has an important role to play in the theme of ‘Support in our changing world and is listed below with its focus in Calm + Connected  

Essences below that are in any other well + truly blends, have the blends name listed after the essence description 

The  FES flower essences are Aloe Vera, Angelica, Borage, Explorers Gentian, Fireweed, Glassy Hyacinth, Green Rose, Lungwort, and Mountain Pride. The Bach/English flower essences:   Star of Bethlehem, Red Chestnut, and Walnut.

The focus and theme of each flower essence

Aloe Vera: Provides a catalyst to stop, think, and take time out to be with what is happening now. Bringing balance and awareness of the pace and motivation behind actions.

Angelica; Helps connect our physical and emotional energy with our higher self-awareness. Providing a sense of spiritual connection and feeling of protection and strengthened courage   Light Heart

Borage: an uplifting essence, that brings courage and a lightness of spirit easing heavy heartedness. Light Heart

Explorers Gentian:  Transforms feelings of loss and crisis into excitement for new opportunities. S.O.S.

Fireweed: Helps recover vitality and inspires creative thinking and the will to reinvent and restructure after adversity and disruption

Glassy Hyacinth: Strengthens and encourages in times of profound trauma and upheaval. S.O.S.

Green Rose: Helps overcome the tendency to develop hostile emotions – to soften and accept life on its own terms.

Lungwort:  Inspires hope and desire to instigate positive changes when in a place of hopelessness and depression.

Mountain Pride: Gives the strength to meet obstacles and adversity with courage from a space of calm and positivity Willpower

Red Chestnut: Helps release fear in those who worry too much over the health and safety of loved ones. Enables us to think more positively and calmly in stressful situations so we can be of real help.  Sweet Dreams

Star of Bethlehem: Relieves states of shock and trauma whether recent or deeply embedded in the unconscious. Gives consolation to those who have lost a loved one.     S.O.S.    Light Heart

Walnut: Assists when facing important transition points in life. Helps us set a new course of focus and action

For more information on flower essences:

We have more information on our About Flower Essences page.

Flower essences have ‘a personality profile’ of their themes and strengths as to how they can help us and what we might seek from them. If you are interested in more information on each of the flower essences, the FES Flower Essence Repertory is a wonderful tool and workbook for flower essence selection.

For more information on flower essences, their use and global research projects  go to  flower essences

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