FES Flower Essence kit


The FES  flower essence  profiles are listed with their key focus as:

Positive qualities;  + What they strengthen and stimulate within our thinking patterns

—  Patterns of Imbalance;  What we are struggling with and wish to address 

The  ‘flower essence profile’ is useful when selecting essences to help with various emotional difficulties. A full in-depth description of each flower essence profile can be found in the FES Flower Essence Repertory  

The FES stock flower essences are available in 7.5 ml bottles. The  flower essence descriptions below also list any well & truly blend in italics the essence is contained in.

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The information below on each of the FES Flower essence profiles is provided by the  FES Flower Essence Repertory and  presented with kind permission from Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz, the authors. 

If you are interested in learning more we  recommend you visit The Flower Essence Society webpage  flowersociety.org  The Flower Society welcomes members and has  an international membership of health practitioners, researchers and students interested in developing knowledge of flower essence therapy.

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MADIA + Clear thinking, disciplined focus and concentration;                      –  Imbalance – Easily distracted, difficulty  concentrating, mentally dull or listless  Focus

MALLOW + Warm open-hearted and friendly, sociable;                                     Imbalance – Socially insecure, fear of reaching out to others; difficulty connecting with others, withdrawal from social situations

MANZANITA + Helps connect  mind and body,  self acceptance; Imbalance – Disconnect and aversion to body, harsh view of self, perceives body as ugly can lead to eating disorders,  strict harsh rules for self in dailyroutine

MARIPOSA LILY + Strengthens maternal, nurturing feelings, warmth and mother-child bonding, healing of inner child; Imbalance – Distanced from mother,  lack of mothering, feelings of childhood abandonment or abuse

MILKWEED + Healthy ego strength; independence and self-reliance; Imbalance – Extreme dependency and lacking emotional development, seeks to dull consciousness through drugs, alcohol, overeating; desire to escape  self-awareness

MORNING GLORY + Sparkling vital ity,  awakening, refreshed, in touch with Life; Imbalance – Feels dull, toxic, or “hung over,” cannot ‘feel connected to bod’ especially in the morning; leads to addictive habits

MOUNTAIN PENNYROYAL + Clarifies and strengthens mind and positivite thinking; Imbalance – Ongoing negative chaotic thinking, easily takes on negative thoughts of others, may have extreme psychic sensitivity

MOUNTAIN PRIDE + Boosts masculine energy, giving strength to confront challenge and transform; Imbalance – Hesitation, withdrawal in the face of challenge; lack of assertiveness, inability to take a stand for self and beliefs

MUGWORT + Enhances receptive awareness helping balance psyche in awareness of day and night consciousness, connecting more to practical daily life; Imbalance – Overactive psychic life out of touch with practical physical world, tendency to hysteria, hypersensitive emotions

MULLEIN + Builds and strengthens sense of truth, acting with genuine sincerity; Imbalance – Inability to hear one’s inner voice; weakness and confusion, indecisiveness lying or deceiving self or others

NASTURTIAM +Brings warmth and vitality to thinking processes,  radiant energy; Imbalance – Depletion of  emotion and feelings due to intense ongoing intellectual activities Focus

NICOTIANA + Heart centred responses, brings intellect in touch with emotional and the finer sensitivity of feelings, grounding; Imbalance – Disconnect from,  numbing and hardening of emotions, inability to cope with deep feelings

OREGON GRAPE + Loving and positive expectation of good will from others, ability to trust; Imbalance – Expecting and projection of hostility from others. Feeling paranoid or self-protective

PENSTEMON + Builds sense of strength and perseverance when facing great hardship and difficult times; Imbalance – Feeling sorry for oneself, persecuted, unable to bear life’s difficult circumstances

PEPPERMINT + Awakens alert clarity and mindfulness; Imbalance – Dull, sluggish thinking,  mental lethargy; helps balance metabolism and intellectual processes undergoing extended mental activities  Focus

PINK MONKEYFLOWER  + Emotional openness and honesty; courage to take emotional risks with others; Imbalance – Feelings of shame, guilt, unworthiness; fear of exposure and rejection masking true feelings

PINK YARROW + Loving awareness of others and maintaining self care and a self-contained awareness; appropriate emotional boundaries; Imbalance – Extreme open-ness to others, great difficulty separating their own needs and feelings from others, lacking of emotional clarity

POISON OAK + Emotional openness and vulnerability, enahancing ability to open  and be close to others; Imbalance – Fear of intimate contact, protective of personal boundaries; fear of being violated, hostile or distant

POMEGRANATE + Balance and clarity of their feminine perspective and creativity; Imbalance – Ambivalent or confused about their feminine role particularly with balancing values regarding career and home, creative and procreative, personal and global

PRETTY FACE + Self-acceptance in relation to personal appearance, instilling and strengthening awareness of reality ‘beauty radiates from within’; Imbalance – Feeling ugly or rejected because of personal appearance; over-identified with physical and cosmetic appearance Esteem

PURPLE MONKEYFLOWER +Inner calm and clarity instil courage to trust one’s own spiritual experience  love-based rather than fear-based spirituality; Imbalance – Fear of retribution, the occult,  if one differs or departs from religious conventions of family or community

QUAKING GRASS + Helps when one struggles within a  group situation, sense of self balance, creating more harmony and flexibility within group and social settings, flexibility; Imbalance – Dificulty balancing individual needs and ego  with higher needs of a group

QUEEN ANNE’S LACE + Helps ground and stabilise and gives deeper clarity to spiritual insight and vision; –  Imbalance – Overcomes lack of objectivity in psychic awareness; distorted view of psychic of psychic perception or physical eyesight due to sexual or emotional imbalances

QUINCE + Loving strength, balance of masculine initiating power and feminine nurturing power; Imbalance – Inability to catalyse or reconcile feelings of strength and power with essential qualities of the feminine; distorted connection with the masculine Self or animus

RABBITBRUSH + Active and lively consciousness; alert flexible and mobile state of mind; Imbalance – Easily overwhelmed by details; unable to cope with simultaneous events or demanding situations Focus

RED CLOVER + Self-aware behaviour, calm and steady presence, especially in emergency situations; Imbalance – Susceptible to mass hysteria and anxiety, easily influenced by panic or other forms of group thought

ROSEMARY + Warm physical presence; embodiment; vibrantly incarnated; Imbalance – Forgetfulness, poorly incarnated in body, lacking physical etheric warmth; higher ego forces which are not integrated with the physical body

SAGE + Drawing wisdom from life experience; reviewing and surveying one’s life process from a higher perspective; Imbalance – Seeing life as ill fated or undeserved; inability to perceive higher purpose and meaning in life events

SAGEBRUSH + Essential or “empty” consciousness, deep awareness of the inner Self, capable of transformation and change; Imbalance – Over-identification with the illusory parts of oneself; purifying and cleansing the Self to release dysfunctional aspects of one’s personality or surroundings

SAGUARO + Awareness of what is ancient and sacred, a sense of tradition or lineage; ability to learn from elders; Imbalance – Conflict with images of authority, sense of separateness or alienation from the past

SAINT JOHN’S WORT + Illumined consciousness, light-filled awareness and strength; Imbalance – Overly expanded state leading to psychic and physical vulnerability; deep fears, disturbed dreams Sweet Dreams

SCARLET MONKEYFLOWER + Emotional honesty, direct and clear communication of deep feelings, integration of the emotional “shadow”; Imbalance – Fear of intense feelings, repression of strong emotions; inability to resolve issues of anger and powerlessness

SCOTCH BROOM + Positive and optimistic feelings about the world and about future events; sun-like forces of caring, encouragement, and purpose; Imbalance – Feeling weighted down and depressed; overcome with pessimism and despair, especially regarding one’s personal relationship to world events.

SELF-HEAL + Healthy, vital sense of Self; healing and beneficient forces arising from within oneself, deep sense of wellness and wholeness; Imbalance – Inability to take inner responsibility for one’s healing, lacking in spiritual motivation for wellness, overly dependent on external help

SHASTA DAISY + Mandalic or holistic consciousness, synthesizing ideas into a living wholeness; Imbalance – Over-intellectualisation of reality, especially seeing information as bits and pieces rather than parts of a whole

SHOOTING STAR + Humanised spirituality, cosmic consciousness warmed with caring for all that is human and earthly; Imbalance – Profound feeling of alienation, especially not feeling at home on Earth, nor a part of the human family

SNAPDRAGON + Lively, dynamic energy; healthy libido; verbal communication which is emotionally balanced; Imbalance – Verbal aggression and hostility repressed or misdirected libido, tension around jaw

STAR THISTLE  + Generous and inclusive, a giving and sharing nature, feeling an inner sense of abundance; Imbalance – Basing actions on a fear of lack, inability to give freely and openly, or to trust a higher providence

STAR TULIP+ Sensitive and receptive attunement; serene, inner listening to others and to higher worlds, especially in dreams and meditation; Imbalance – Feelings of being hardened or cut-off, inability to feel quiet inner presence or attunement, unable to meditate or pray

STICKY MONKEYFLOWER  + Balanced integration of human warmth and sexual intimacy; ability to express deep feelings of love and connectedness, especially in sexual relationships; Imbalance – Repressed sexual feelings, or acting out inappropriate sexual behaviour, inability to experience human warmth in sexual experiences; deep fear of sexuality and intimacy

SUNFLOWER Balanced sense of individuality, spiritualised ego forces, sun-radiant personality; Imbalance – Distorted sense of Self; inflation or self-effacement, low self-esteem or arrogance; poor relation to father or masculine aspect of Self  Speak Out    Esteem

SWEET PEA + Commitment to community, social connectedness, a sense of one’s place on Earth; Imbalance – Wandering, seeking, inability to form bonds with social community or to find one’s place on Earth

TANSY + Decisive and goal-oriented, deliberate and purposeful in action, self-directed; Imbalance – Lethargy, procrastination, inability to take straightforward action; habits which undermine or subvert real intention of Self

TIGER LILY + Co-operative service with others, extending feminine forces into social situation; inner peace and harmony as a foundation for outer relationships; Imbalance – Overly aggressive, competitive, hostile attitude; excessive “yang” forces, separatist tendencies

TRILLIUM + Selfless service, altruistic sacrifice of personal desires for the common good, inner purity; Imbalance – Greed and lust for possessions and power, excessive ambition, overcome with personal needs and desires; materialism and congestion

TRUMPET VINE _+ Articulate and colorful in verbal expression; active, dynamic projection of oneself in social situations; Imbalance – Lack of vitality or soul force in expression; inability to be assertive or to speak clearly, impediments in speech  Speak Out

VIOLET + Delicate, highly perceptive sensitivity, elevated spiritual perspective; sharing with others while remaining true to oneself; Imbalance – Profound shyness, reserve, aloofness, fear of being submerged in groups

YARROW + Inner radiance and strength of aura, compassionate awareness, inclusive sensitivity, beneficient healing forces; Imbalance – Extreme vulnerability to others and to the environments easily depleted, overly absorbent of negative influences, psychic toxicity. Chill Out

YARROW SPECIAL FORMULA + Enhancing integrity of etheric body, of vital formative forces; Imbalance – Disturbance of life-force and vitality by noxious radiation, pollution, or other geopathic stress; residual effects of past exposure

YELLOW STAR TULIP + Empathy, receptivity to the feelings and experiences of others, acting from inner truth and guidance; Imbalance – Insensitivity to the sufferings of others, lack of awareness of the consequences of one’s actions on others

YERBA SANTA + Free-flowing emotion, ability to harmonise breathing with feeling; capacity to express a full range of human emotion, especially pain and sadness; Imbalance – Constricted feelings, particularly in the chest; internalised grief and melancholy, deeply repressed emotions

ZINNIA + Childlike humor and playfulness; experiencing the joyful inner child, lightheartedness, detached perspective on Self; Imbalance – Overseriousness, dullness, heaviness, lack of humor, overly somber sense of Self, repressed inner child

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